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   Chapter 420 Flying Knife Versus Short Sword! (Part One)

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Now that Johanson decided to strike, he wouldn't limit himself to only using the soul attack.

Once an assassin made a move, he would go for the kill!

Of course, if his opponent had been somebody else, Johanson might have shown him mercy, or say, not caused a fatal injury to his opponent.

Now that Johanson had regarded Zen as a man he must kill, he would not reserve his strength!

Just as Johanson launched the soul attack, a beam of bright light shot out from his hand.

The light warped into the shape of a short sword—a snake-shaped short sword!

The short sword was Johanson's family heirloom. It was a fairy weapon that had been passed down within their family for several hundred years! When the Jiang family was undermined by the Burning Sky Empire 300 years ago, most of its treasures and fortunes were kept in one of the secret realms of their Shadow Group. Thus the snake-shaped short sword was preserved within the family, and eventually, it was handed down to Johanson.

He preferred to first, befuddle his opponent's mind with the soul attack, and then, cut the opponent's throat with the snake-shaped short sword. Although this assassinating method was quite simple, it was almost impossible to guard against it!

In most cases, as long as the opponent's soul was not strong enough to resist his soul attack, in no way could he escape from Johanson's snake-shaped short sword!

Even though Zen's flesh was incredibly strong, he could not be able to fend off the snake-shaped short sword!

Therefore, as per Johanson, by implementing his two-step attacking method, there was no doubt that Zen would die!

"Go to hell!"

'I'm destined to be a world-famous assassin while you are doomed to be reduced to a pile of bones.

As to the little locusts that mocked me from the audi

at he might lose control and kill someone by accident!

It was true that the contenders in the arena would try their best to win. In such competitive situations, some participants would occasionally be seriously injured or even die.

However, given that the arena was not a real battlefield, Zen let his values and morals guide him.

In this situation, however, Zen had decided to use his killing method, as from the start, he had sensed that Johanson was determined to kill him. The minute the battle began, Johanson had established that he was not aiming at defeating Zen, but he wanted to kill him.

As to how to distinguish good from the evil, Zen had a simple belief—if others treated him well, he would also be friendly toward them. However, if others intended to murder him, he would return the favor!

'Being kind to your enemy means being cruel to yourself!'

Although Vale, his opponent in the previous fight, was very obnoxious, Zen did not detect any trace of murderous intent from Vale! Vale was merely seeking to subdue Zen and to thwart his martial arts aspirations. Thus, Zen decided to be merciful toward Vale, and even gave him a helping hand when he deviated into madness!

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