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   Chapter 419 Ridicule

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While Johanson recited 'The Ten Commandments for an Assassin', Zen Luo sat on the ground. He asked the referee loudly, "Sir, since my opponent will not fight with me face-to-face, can I just sit here and rest?"

The referee inside the arena looked confused. Since each warrior had a unique way of fighting, he did not answer Zen's question.

But Zen had asked the question loudly enough for the audience to hear.

Of all the fights during the All Peaks Competition, the ones in which Zen participated were the most interesting. Zen had drawn more attention than most participants, including Rocher!

As Zen was only at the second grade of the nature level, there was a huge skill difference between him and the other contestants. Every disciple was curious to see how Zen would perform in the competition.

Moreover, Zen's last fight against Vale had so many ups and downs. The disciples were expecting to watch a more lively fight!

However, this battle between Zen and Johanson was not as per their expectation. From the beginning, neither side spoke to the other. They stood on the court, face-to-face and then attacked each other only once. They even didn't collide into each other! The fight seemed dull.

Zen's words confirmed what the audience had felt. By speaking out loud, Zen was letting the onlookers know that it was because of Johanson that the fight was boring.

"Shit! What's the matter with Johanson Jiang?" a disciple asked. "Zen is sitting on the ground and doing nothing. And Johanson does not dare to attack him!" he added.

"Is this a competition? I'm feeling sleepy," another disciple said. "Is it true that Johanson is a personal disciple of a saint? Maybe he was only boasting as he cannot face Zen! He can't be one of the top five disciples on the list! It looks more like he is one of the last five!" a third disciple remarked.

"That's true. Maybe Johanson is the most timid personal disciple. He has not shown up before now, nor does he dare to fight. Why doesn't he just admit defeat? I am falling asleep waiting for some action!" another disciple added.

What Zen had said was an eye-opener. Soon the disciples were even more dissatisfied with what Johanson was doing and started to discuss among each other.

Seeing what was happening, all the personal disciples, including Patrick and Tracy, smiled.

The personal disciples in the audience knew why Johanson was behaving peculiarly. Johanson's ambition was to be a top assassin. It was impossible for an assassin to fight against others face-to-face like a regular warrior. Asking an assassin to fight like that was the equivalent of expecting an archer to compete with cavalry.

Assassins were experts in moves that killed a person in one hit. Johanson might attack only once, but that was enough to decide the result of the match.

This was why fighting against an assassin was boring. Anyone who understood this would know that a silent fight was even more dangerous than a regular one! Not all conflicts were settled with visible weapons. Sometimes psychological warfare or psywar was required.

Johanson had done this well from the beginning. At least as per Tracy, Patrick, and the other personal disciples, Johanson had performed perfectly. He had successfully remained hidden. Neither Zen nor the personal disciples


Johanson was the leopard while Zen was his antelope.

A nearly solid aura rushed toward Zen. It was Johanson's killing intent!

And his killing intent was unique. A force of his soul was hidden in it.

Even a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm could not stand Johanson's attack. Zen was only at the second grade of the nature level. He would be unable to bear this killing intent especially since it included a soul attack!

Johanson had collected some information about Zen. He had watched the fight between Zen and Vale from the beginning to the end. Johanson also noticed a detail that Vale had said something about one of Zen's trump cards. Zen seemed to be able to attack with his soul.

But Zen was only a warrior at the second grade of the nature level. How strong was his soul?

Johanson had eaten a soul-nurturing herb each day since he was a baby. The price of a soul-nurturing herb was very high. One plant cost as much as over a hundred cubic crystals!

Although the Burning Sky Empire had destroyed the Shadow Group, the Shadow Group was still wealthy. And most of their fortune had been spent on Johanson who was their only hope.

Even the eldest sons of the top seven noble clans could not afford to eat a soul-nurturing herb each day! It was true that the top seven noble clans had the money to buy many soul-nurturing herbs. But, they could not pile all their resources onto one person. That was too risky.

However, the situation was different for Johanson. He was the only hope of the Shadow Group in nearly three hundred years. He was the only talent among them all!

Having eaten so many soul-nurturing herbs, Johanson had felt his soul grow day by day. And after he had cultivated his soul for so many years, Johanson was confident that his soul was more powerful than that of the warriors at the same level as him.

That was why he didn't pay attention to Zen's soul attack. In his eyes, there was no comparison between his soul and Zen's!

In Johanson's mind, he could easily turn Zen into an utterly useless person without a soul just by using his killing intent!

'Zen Luo, let me see how you will deal with my killing intent!' Johanson scoffed in his mind.

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