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   Chapter 418 The Way To Infuriate Him

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At Cloud Sect, Kenneth bore the most power. If Kane, who had an astonishing amount of talent, didn't take over the reins of the Burning Sky Palace in the Imperial Capital, the head of the Cloud Sect would dominate the entire Eastern Region.

The vice leader held the second highest amount of power. The elders were next in the hierarchy, followed by the saints.

In truth, the power that a saint was granted depended a lot on his age. If their talents weren't good enough, they would remain stuck at the Cloud Sect. The exalted Cloud Hall had no interest in admitting those of mediocre talent.

In the past, Zen had had conflicts with the saints. At the court trial that day, it was Saint Zara who had conducted the trial on him.

Naturally, Zen was more alert now, knowing that his opponent was Saint Zara's disciple.

Johanson didn't wear the purple robe of the personal disciple. Instead, he had donned a solid black coat. He was dark-skinned and thin, and he stood opposite Zen like a weak child, with no apparent momentum emanating from his person.

If the crowd didn't know that he was, in fact, Johanson, they would dismiss him as a frail student on appearance alone. The inconspicuous boy did not look like the top disciple of Cloud Sect that he was.

Everybody had the momentum. For instance, a child had a childish momentum, a general had an executioner's momentum, while a scholar had a civilized momentum. The momentum was on display for everyone at any given space or time. The momentum of the ordinary, however, was not as eye-catching as that of the warrior.

It depended on the human's blood and vitality. After cultivation, warriors usually showed signs of bearing stronger vitality than ordinary people. They could be as tough as bulls, and thus exuded stronger momentum.

But Johanson could restrain his momentum. Apparently, he knew the secret to conceal it.

Stepping on the competition field, Zen summoned life vitality to his body. He was not afraid of those who appeared to be tough outwardly, but were timid inside, such as Vale. Zen could see through Vale immediately. But this Johanson... he appeared to be a mystery.

Just as the referee declared the battle open, Johanson laughed, the voice hollow and strange. Without another word, he began the fight.

Black life vitality spread across his body continually, flowing behind him like ribbons of broken fabric as he moved. Floating in the air, he looked like a ghost.

As Johanson flew around Zen, the black shadows remained behind, still in mid-air. The shadows were different from Zen's demonic phantoms which acted like silhouettes. The black shadows, on the other hand, were similar to Johanson's own body, as if each of them was a duplicated figure of him.

'The life vitality avatar has donned the shape of his body. The cultivation method he has practiced seems to be either of illusion or assassination, ' Zen reflected, realizing that he knew what Johanson intended to do. The black shadows on the competition field blended in with his black coat with ease and could act as his shield when required. Johanson wanted to bend the atmosphere of the battlefield to his favor.

eakness. It was a frequent way of assassins to trap their opponents thusly.

When the group attempted an assassination late hours into the night, some of them cried out with voices like those of ghosts. The restless prey was too dumbfounded to react intelligibly and it was a sure-shot kill within mere seconds.

As Johanson burst into peals of cold laughter, the dark shadows laughed along with him. One could not grasp his location from the sounds.

"So you can laugh? I thought you were dumb!" Zen spoke out.

Hearing that, Johanson stopped laughing. Was Zen implying that he was an idiot? Was Zen tricking him? Johanson grew furious immediately.

At the same time, Zen began to move. Six demonic phantoms appeared from behind him, rushing toward Johanson swiftly.

Johanson breathed in deeply and spurred his figure to transform into a black shadow. One of the demonic phantoms flew past his ear.

It was a narrow encounter, but it was dangerous.

Zen smiled. "What a pity. You have cultivated well enough that you're able to hide. But being irritated by me, you've shown me where you are!"

The boy had an acute sense of perception!

He could sense where Johanson was by judging his emotional fluctuation alone...

"Nice. You have some good skills, but you can't match me," said the black shadows of Johanson, all at the same time.

"If you think I'm not worthy of being your opponent, stop floating around me just to find opportunities. Come out and beat me. It should be easy for you. But I know you wouldn't do it because you are a coward. Why would I believe I can't outmatch you?" Zen retorted, still with a smile.

Hearing this, Johanson's anger almost flared up again, but he restrained it. What had happened? He knew how to remain calm, so why was he being so capricious at this boy's clear provoking words?

'Stay calm!'

Johanson told himself as he recited the Ten Commandments for an Assassin mentally.

As a mature assassin, one must guard himself against arrogance, indiscretion, anger...

Between killing and getting killed, it was a hard psychological game to play.

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