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   Chapter 417 Jill VS Tracy

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When Tracy and Jill were standing in the battle ring, many disciples taunted them besides Bass. The majority of male disciples from the 33 Peaks would always talk like that as they considered women to be inferior. Why did Tracy only punish Bass that fiercely? Simply because she had figured that Zen would stop her.

With Zen's increasingly fantastic performance in the ring, Tracy's interest in him grew. Eventually, she thought that carving two holes in Zen's body would no longer be enough for her. And so, she came up with this crazy solution.

'Well, if I defeat Zen, how should I punish him?' Tracy thought as she walked.

According to the rules, if Tracy left the ring randomly, the referees would declare her as the loser of the match. However, Cloud Sect was biased toward personal disciples including Tracy. In addition, she had a powerful background. The referees would never take the risk of humiliating her! Irritating Tracy would only bring them bad luck. Thus, spontaneously, they pretended not to see her leave.

Jill had been waiting in the ring for a long time. She was an obedient girl who rarely lost her temper, and she was kind to people. Earlier, when the male disciples talked nonsense, she was offended, but based on her character, she didn't think of doing a cruel thing for revenge as Tracy had done.

After walking past Jill, Tracy cast an indifferent glance at her opponent. Then she shook her head and said confidently, "You have strong talent and strength, but you're not my equal."

"Why?" Jill lifted her chin in defiance. Disobedience reflected in her expression as she spoke with Tracy.

"From your expression, I can see that you're not ruthless enough, especially for men," Tracy said with a faint smile. "If you can't be ruthless, you're not my equal as an opponent."

Jill raised her eyebrows and said sharply, "Are you sure I am not your equal? I may not be ruthless toward men. However, that does not imply that I am not ruthless toward women."

"You can be ruthless with women?" Tracy repeated. Her smile grew wider. "I don't believe you!"

"Well, you can try and see if it's true," Jill said scornfully. Simultaneously, she flipped the delicate little jade sword in her hand. Jill's martial arts style was dexterous and quick. Although the killing spirit of her sword was not strong, Jill could quickly and easily break her opponent's defense. In almost every match, she had landed the jade sword against her opponent's neck and won the match.

Now that she was facing Tracy, a powerful personal female disciple, Jill knew that she couldn't hold back and had to do her best.

Before Tracy could react, Jill launched a fierce attack by using her special weapon. Just as Jill had said, she could be ruthless to women.

"Flower Lady Sword!" Jill cried.

Meanwhile, she took a step forward and brandished the sword. Immediately, a few streaks of life vitality were condensed and transformed into various kinds of flowers, which soon blended with her Flower Lady Sword. After taking a deep breath, Jill moved nimbly as she headed toward Tracy.

Also, a hundred attacks launched by Jill's sword in a short period were flying toward Tracy.

Jill was a serious girl. She was not only talented, b

ould reach such an impressive state!

Once the excitement died down, most disciples prepared for the next two matches.

The first was a match between Rocher Hua and Jaden Wen, a personal disciple. In the second match, personal disciples, Yasser Yuan and Kimi Shi would battle against each other.

In the previous match, Rocher did not draw his sword. His decision was regarded as arrogant and shocked everyone. He also succeeded in infuriating Jaden. As a personal disciple, he had never been subjected to this kind of insult before.

But at the end of the match, Jaden had been defeated. The result showed everyone that Rocher was right not to draw his sword.

The second match between the personal disciples, Yasser and Kimi, was equally fascinating. It almost destroyed half the battle ring. In the end, Kimi gained an edge on Yasser and won the match.

These two matches could be regarded as the highest level of competition between Cloud Sect's disciples, as whether it was Jaden or Yasser, or Kimi, the three disciples had qualified to be in the top 10 in Cloud Sect's List!

The gap between the disciples in the top 100 and those in the top 50 was not huge. However, the gap between disciples in the top 30 and those in the top 15 was greater. For the disciples who had reached the top 10 ranks, it was almost impossible to find a way to improve their ranking as their opponents were rare geniuses with special and powerful skills!

In the next match, the referee suddenly announced, "Zen Luo from Drizzle Peak will fight the personal disciple, Johanson Jiang!"

"Oh, my God! Johanson! It is said that Johanson is qualified to be among the top five in the Cloud Sect List. He is also said to be highly-skilled and a personal disciple of Saint Zara. I do not know how Zen will deal with him. The match between the two will undoubtedly be very interesting. Wow, this is exciting! I must say that this year's All Peaks Competition is really impressive!" cried one of the disciples excitedly.

"What? He is the personal disciple of Saint Zara?" Zen's eyes narrowed when he heard the other disciples. His expression reflected his vigilance.

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