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   Chapter 415 A Murder Plan (Part Two)

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Magnificent and superior, Cloud Hall stood high above the Cloud Sect or maybe even the entire Eastern Region.

If even only a core disciple from the Cloud Hall came to Cloud Sect, the leader would greet him in person. Just from this, one could see that the Cloud Hall was much more superior to the Cloud Sect.

Because he knew that what Saint Viana was saying was right, Saint Zara remained at a loss for words.

If Zen could really enter the Cloud Road and then the Cloud Hall, the rest of their lives would be spent in fear. If Zen truly became a core disciple of the Cloud Hall or he made some contributions and got promoted to some important position in the Cloud Hall, it would be a piece of cake for him to get his revenge.

Probably, the best way to exchange their fate was to come for Zen now.

"Ah! I didn't expect that Aura would be trapped in the internal strife of the Burning Sky Empire so soon. If I had known this earlier, I would have killed Zen during the court trial!" With a firm voice, Saint Viana remained indignant.

On the day the court trial began, Saint Zara didn't take move because Aura had the Emperor's Token. The emperor of the Burning Sky Empire had strength, much about the same as Kenneth. It was said that the emperor even enjoyed a higher position than Kenneth did in the Cloud Hall.

If Aura had gone all out to confront Saint Viana and used the Emperor's Token, the latter would be in great trouble.

In the past two months, he didn't expect that the Burning Sky Empire had any internal strife. Of all the abundant news he heard about it, the most shocking one was that Kane had already died. Since the news came from the royal palace, it couldn

, followed by her own. "Patrick, I hate fighting women," she said, her lips pursed.

"Aren't you a woman yourself?" with a chuckle, Patrick said.

"Too weak," Tracy concisely spat out.

With a warning tone, Patrick interrupted.

"Jill is not weak. You don't know how many strong disciples lost to her. You'll regret it if you take her lightly."

The comment made Tracy's lip curl as her expression turned disdainful. With a sneer, she said, "Patrick, the strong disciples you mentioned are only rubbish among the thirty-three peaks. You hateful hypocrite! Obviously, their strength isn't worth mentioning, and I know you thought of them the same as I did. Yet you still referred to them as powerful ones. Did you say that intentionally to hint that you are a lot better than them? Let's just drop it. Since Jill is really so strong, then I'll end her winning streak now. I wonder how strong I will be if I defeat her."

Finishing her words, Tracy walked towards the arena with grace in ladylike steps.

Having been mocked by Tracy, Patrick smiled helplessly and continued to sit in meditation, his eyes remaining shut.

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