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   Chapter 414 A Murder Plan (Part One)

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After several dramatic turns took place between Zen and Vale, there were heated discussions among the crowd. At this point, they paid little attention to the other fights going on in the arena.

As Vale and Zen damaged the arena during the battle, a team of craftsmen from the Cloud Sect transported huge stones to the area and used them to fill in the damage done to the battle grounds. Later on, the elders helped rearrange the array and enchanted barriers before a new round began.

In this round, two personal disciples appeared on the stage but their opponents were all at the peak of the nature level. Their opponents had outstanding strength, based on the fact that they had come a long way before finally entering round robin. However, they were unlike Rocher who was extremely excellent, leaving them unlikely to make any surprise moves. As expected, the two personal disciples easily defeated them and won the victory.

After that, the round robin proceeded normally. All the personal disciples, save for Vale, won the battles.

The disciples from various peaks had also done an outstanding job this year. Jill, Rocher, and Wing all had winning streaks but their success came too easily as they didn't encounter any opponents stronger than them. That was why Sheeny from Skytop Peak failed when he battled against Willie Huo, a personal disciple.

The fight between the top disciples and the personal disciples was the highlight of the All Peaks Competition and what the disciples most anticipated to see. Zen and Vale's battle was indeed a feast for their eyes. Features of the fight had many twists and turns, including thrilling moments when the audience was certain that one of them would be killed—these scenes lingered in their memories.

In the corner of the area, Saint Viana sat on a cattail hassock, overlooking

one month ago, I wouldn't dare have Johanson do the job as he is your apprentice. I had to look for someone from the disciples of the thirty-three peaks. But now, things have changed. Aura always gets involved in the internal strife of the royal family. Rumor has it that she was put under house arrest. She's now greatly troublesome herself. Do you think she has any time to mind Zen's business?"

In spite of the reasoning, Saint Zara still looked hesitant. "But Zen's excellent performance has already attracted the leader's attention. If Johanson takes action to kill, won't he anger the leader?"

"One can only be favored while he is alive. A dead talent is no longer a talent, he's merely a corpse," Saint Viana said with a sneer.

Finishing his words, he turned to look at Saint Zara who still had a hint of reluctance in his expression. Scornfully, he continued, "Don't forget that you also contributed to getting Yan into the Hell Mountain before. If Zen isn't killed, he will certainly enter the Cloud Hall with that talent or even become a core disciple. No matter how far he goes, there is possibility that he will suppress Cloud Sect by taking advantage of the Cloud Hall. Do you think we'll get away with that?"

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