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   Chapter 413 Another Epiphany

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After spiraling into the depth of madness, remaining calm after future setbacks of any kind, would be impossible for anyone to do.

Difficulties would bedevil the person, and he would bring more harm to his mind and soul by worrying.

Under the circumstances though, the individual needed to help himself, without others interfering or removing the problems.

Hall Chief Ouyang was standing back away from the competition field, scowling. He watched as his greatest source of pride, and chief disciple, Vale, was beaten, and deteriorated, succumbing to insanity, by Zen's hand in front of everyone.

However, he knew the only solution in this situation was to leave the afflicted person alone, since confronting someone in the grips of madness would result in sending the struggling victim into the abyss.

When a woman became angered, she could regain and maintain control, unless a well-meaning individual tried to comfort her, then the tenuous balance would tilt, and she would end up in tears.

Nevertheless, Zen approached the white lotus slowly. No longer filled with life vitality, the lotus was draining quickly, but, Vale didn't have time to care about the white lotus.

All the while, step by step, Zen drew closer, until he stood over the white lotus, looking down at Vale.

"I'll give you a chance to follow my steps! In three years, you can battle me! But, even then, you won't be able to beat me. Then again, if you aren't courageous enough to try, you may as well leave with your shame and die. Although your talent is outstanding, you lack determination to excel in martial arts. Look at you, a minor frustration and you fall apart, becoming impossible to calm. Even if you didn't meet your match yet, it wouldn't be long before you did...

This is a large world. In the Eastern Region alone, there are billions of people, add to that, there are ten times as many in the Central Region, or so I hear. Out there, genius disciples refine the cultivation skills above tier four from childhood and use all kinds of panaceas to improve. Their talents are inherited from their parents, and they have profoundly strong mentors to guide them. And just maybe, one of those geniuses can defeat you, even one as young as nine or ten. Heck, they can clobber me even now. Your pride is twisted! It's ludicrous! It's arrogance...

Only when you understand that your pride is deceptive, can you transcend it and begin to cultivate in earnest. At that point, you may have a chance to catch up to my level. If you don't though, you will be nothing but a loser your whole life. No. In fact, if you don't, it will prove that you were always a loser!"

Each word Zen said, cut into Vale's head, and felt like a knife stabbing over and over into his heart.

The more Chief Ouyang listened to Zen, the more irate he became, until he wasn't able to stand anymore and suddenly exploded, "Zen! You already won against Vale. Don't take things too far!"

Actually, Zen had already crossed the line, and instead of being critical, Zen had insulted Vale beyond reason. Vale teetered on the edge of spiraling into madness, and Zen didn't show signs of letting up.

Before the match most people preferred Vale over Zen, but watching him beat Vale, their feelings changed, and even now, many people were on Zen's side.

After all, most of the opinions were based on the fact

oadened his mind and even gave him some insight into the spirit of the Lotus Scriptures.

Ouyang had told Vale at one time that the Lotus Scriptures was a tier 4 cultivation method, but its true power went far beyond the ordinary four tiers, and couldn't be placed in the same category with them.

Because the Lotus Scriptures was passed down from a mighty clan in Central Region, Vale needed to study it, to master the spirit and give full play to its power.

Although Vale comprehended a little about the spirit, he still needed some time to master all of it.

"Thanks!" said Vale humbly as he bowed to Zen before walking off the competition field. He walked up to Ouyang, bowing deeply, and he said, "Master, I have become inspired and want to remain in seclusion to cultivate. Therefore, I won't be able to participate in the rest of the All Peaks Competition's matches."

"Oh...?" Ouyang was at a loss for words. After all, he took the All Peaks Competition seriously. If Vale could just finish as one of the top three in the competition, Ouyang would be a very proud master. Moreover, the top three would have the chance to go to the Cloud Road, which would be helpful to Vale.

Seeing Vale's expression though, touched Ouyang's heart. Perhaps during the epiphany, Vale had comprehended something very important, and it must be the best course of action for him to stay secluded and master what he had learned. It wasn't the end of the world, after all, Cloud Road would still be there in three years. On the other hand, the epiphany was a great chance that most people never got....

So, Ouyang nodded and said, "Okay Vale, I will permit you to remain in seclusion."

The battle between Zen and Vale was extremely exciting. Who would have thought that Vale would reveal an ancient fairy weapon when he had the advantage over Zen, or that Zen would turn the tables somehow. Even now, no one knew how Zen had beat Vale's sword with vibration force.

Keeping everyone on the edge of their seats was how Vale teetered on the edge of the abyss after the battle, and wasn't able to control himself. Bringing the match to a riveting climax was Zen, as he provoked and verbally assaulted Vale which somehow brought on an epiphany....

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