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   Chapter 411 Catching The Blade With Bare Hands

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The Wang Clan that Vale came from was a big clan, though it was not one of the top clans in the Imperial Capital. In terms of fortune, it was unable to compete with the top seven noble clans. As such, the Wang Clan was unable to buy an ancient fairy weapon for Vale.

In fact, Vale obtained this ancient fairy weapon when he accidentally barged into a dust-laden imperial mausoleum. To secure this Gentleman Sword, Vale surpassed the traps and tricks set inside the tomb and got chased by a band of human skeleton guards whose cultivation level could rival those at the Illuminating Soul Realm. It was also true that Vale nearly died in the imperial mausoleum.

"This Gentleman Sword was the personal sword of Emperor Amos, from the Imperial Dragon Dynasty in primitive times. Zen, your body is incredibly strong and firm. It is almost as if you were built with iron and steel. But I wonder whether you can defend against my sword," Vale said as he brandished the Gentleman Sword. A string of lotuses fluttered down around him.

Zen raised his brow as he stared at the Gentleman Sword in Vale's hand. He never expected that Vale would have an ancient fairy weapon.

Allegedly, in ancient times, weapon refiners could grasp the Heavenly Law more effortlessly than present-day refiners. Accordingly, earlier weapon refiners could easily become weapon refining masters. It was also said that weapon refining masters had an easier time when refining fairy weapons.

Later, a drastic world-wide change occurred. The Heavenly Law became far more obscure, which made it more challenging for weapon refiners to refine fairy weapons. As to the nature of the change and why the Heavenly Law turned more abstruse, no one knew the answer.

Therefore, ancient fairy weapons were more powerful than those produced in recent years. For instance, though the Gentleman Sword held by Vale had one fairy texture, which meant that it was a low-grade fairy weapon, its power could be at par with a medium-grade fairy weapon refined in this era!

Zen did not doubt that this medium-grade fairy weapon would cut his body—after all, his body was not stronger than a medium-grade spiritual weapon.

"Ancient fairy weapon? That must have cost a fortune! But are you sure that your aim is good enough to hit me?" As those remarks faded, Zen took a step forward. With the full power of the Phoenix Crystal coursing through his body, Zen moved at top speed, like a gust of wind!

Meanwhile, Zen's six demonic phantoms sprang. They hurtled toward Vale from six different directions.

Seeing the six demonic phantoms rushing toward him, Vale flipped his hand, and the white lotus under his feet unfurled six petals. The petals swept against the demonic phantoms and sent them up in the air one by one. The large white lotus turned out to be another sharp offensive weapon by Vale!

As the white lotus blocked the six demonic phantoms, Vale leaped gracefully before charging at Zen with the Gentleman Sword clenched in his hand. "I don't know how you achieved this. At the second-grade of the nature level, you can move at such speed! Without any knowledge of sword intent, you comprehended the Sword Step. You're surely one of a kind weirdo. But as I've said, it's no use. All that you rely on is of no u

his hands anymore, does he? Is he going to block the blade with his bare hands? Is he out of his mind?"

"How could a man catch Vale's sword with his hands? I'm positive that Zen will lose his hands!"

Seeing that Zen was attempting to block Vale's sword with his hands, many shook their heads. Confronting a blade with bare hands was not profound Kung Fu. Many people could do it. However, there were many preconditions. For example, their strength must be stronger than that of their opponents, which would ensure that they could stop the sword with their palms.

Since Vale was more powerful than Zen, and the sword that he was holding was an ancient fairy weapon, Zen's attempt was daring to the point of being considered reckless. Many in the audience were already picturing the bloody scene of Zen's hands being chopped off.

But the scene the crowd imagined did not occur.

Because Zen did not exactly catch the blade with his bare hands!

Facing the attack of the ancient fairy weapon, Zen, of course, was not so stupid that he would really catch it with bare hands. He had no intention of losing his hands!

He suddenly balled his right hand into a fist, took a turn, and punched the Gentleman Sword from the side.

'I can't launch a frontal attack on the ancient fairy weapon with my body. But I can smash the side of the sword!'

At Zen's counterstrike, a trace of sneer emerged on Vale's face. He found this trick by Zen very boring. 'Anyway, inferior people will always be weak. Even when they are cornered, they can't think of a decent counter-attack. Their only option is to resort to dull tricks!'

'It's easy to undo Zen's little trick. All I need to do is to draw the sword along the force of his punch, and then, swing at him once more. I aimed for Zen's left shoulder, but this time, I will target his right shoulder instead. Anyway, his little trick will not make a difference.'

But just as Zen's fist made contact with his sword, Vale's expression changed radically!

Vibration rolled out of Zen's fist. When this vibration flowed through the sword and spread to Vale's hand, Vale lost his grip and nearly let the Gentleman Sword fly out of his hand!

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