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   Chapter 410 The Antique Gentleman Sword (Part Two)

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In fact, in the depths of his heart, Vale was a bit scared about how fast Zen was improving. His martial arts skills grew by leaps and bounds.

'It only took 6 months for Zen to have the strength to fight against me. If he had three years to practice, it would be impossible for me to catch up with him!' Vale's mind was racing wildly.

This time, Vale had to pull all his trump cards, techniques and weapons in order to defeat Zen calmly and easily, striking a blow to his confidence and crushing him.

Martial arts depended upon the will to improve. But when a warrior was defeated, his will could be diminished. If the blow was too much to bear, then his will could be shattered. He would be haunted by this, and unable to improve anymore.

In Vale's view, Zen's strength played a major role in helping him overcome all the obstacles, and walking to the current stage of All Peaks Competition. However, no matter how powerful Zen was, his top ability was only at the second grade of nature level. His main advantage was that creepy purple-black life vitality!

As long as he came up with a solution to deal with that, he'd have Zen on the ropes.

Zen, who only had the power of nature level, was nothing more than a clown. So, he figured he had plenty of time to play with Zen in the ring.

"Tricks?" Zen didn't answer his question but repeated his word. Meanwhile, a faint smile made its way across his face.

So far, Zen had many cards that had not been used. However, he didn't plan to use these on Vale. While Vale was indeed powerful, he was not the most powerful. If he were to win the first place at the All Peaks Competition, he should keep calm and exercise restraint.

n kept it well. It was far more than just a charming, ancient sword and its shining blade was still extremely sharp!

When Vale held the sword, his whole vitality changed.

Standing among the white lotus flowers earlier before, Vale had the aura of a domineering emperor looking down upon his subjects. But now, when he held the antique sword in his hand, it made him look like a resurrected emperor, looking down at the lands he ruled with great ambition and arrogance!

"Wow, it's an antique fairy weapon! An antique fairy Weapon!" one disciple exclaimed. Recognizing Vale's sword, he was excited.

"Oh, my God, he didn't dig up the grave of an ancient monarch, did he? How did he get that antique fairy weapon?" one of the disciples asked in a surprised tone.

"I feel strong emanation of power! It's just a sword, but I can feel the great power of an ancient monarch. This antique fairy weapon is by no means an ordinary object. In ancient times, the owner of this sword must have been a strong master!" one senior disciple said.

Everyone was stunned by the Gentleman Sword wielded by the hand of Vale!

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