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   Chapter 409 The Antique Gentleman Sword (Part One)

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Seeing the demonic fist dashing towards him, Vale raised his eyebrows, and waved his hands to summon his own weapons. Hundreds of lotus flowers fluttered in front of him, products of his own martial skills.

This was far from their first fight. At one point, Vale was attacked by Zen's fists on Hell Mountain. At that time Zen was just a half step into the nature level, but his fists helped even the odds. It was a reckless move, though.

The little boy, a novice only a half-step into the nature level, had the nerve to start a fight with him! Vale was stunned and bewildered. Why would Zen do such a thing? But still, he had to admit those fists were a pretty impressive feat, especially for one so young.

When Zen was only half-step into the nature level, he could use life energy to throw those powerful fists. Now that Zen stepped fully into the nature level, his life energy had been transformed into life vitality. So his fists were bound to be more compact, heavier and more powerful!

Vale Wang was also a rare genius, and now he was the pride of the Wang Family. Not only was he a personal disciple, he stood head and shoulders above those other personal disciples. How could it be easy to fight him?

And he'd come up with a way to defend against Zen's Heavenly Ogre Fist.

The lotus flowers floating around him formed a triangle, and there was a big gap between any two of the hundred lotus blossoms. With his power, he sent the triangle rushing headlong at Zen's fists.

The moment the fists met the lotus flowers, the phantoms began to devour the blossoms in the front row. Immediately, the gorgeous red, lotus arrangement was transformed by the demonic life vitality, one flower aft

ifying. Now that dozens of lotus flowers burst at the same time, the turbulent red lotus fire immediately enveloped Zen's fist phantoms and the black lotus flowers which had been devoured by his phantoms. The flames eagerly curled each flower to ashes.

Detonating his own lotus flowers and Zen's fist phantoms together was also Vale's last ditch. He was really out of options. Zen's black fist phantoms were too evil and too powerful. After Vale thought about it for a bit, there was no other way to break through.

Now even after he had come up with a solution, Vale just managed to hold Zen to a draw.

If he hadn't done this, the life vitality contained in Zen's fist phantoms could have devoured all of his lotus flowers. And if that happened, he would definitely be defeated!

"I've broken through your fists. Got any more tricks up your sleeves?" Vale said lightly, as more lotus flowers started blooming next to him. Zen's cultivation method was a rare one. But Vale's knowledge of the Lotus Scriptures was considerable, and he also had the advantage in the cultivation level. So, Vale was very confident right now.

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