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   Chapter 408 Flower-Picking Pointing (Part Two)

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"Vale is so powerful... But Zen has innate superhuman strength. We have seen how strong he was previously. But now Vale is using only one of his fingers and he has successfully pinned Zen in the crater. That guy isn't human, I am telling you!" One disciple remarked in awe.

"Don't say such nonsense if you don't understand what is going on!" Another disciple beside him rebuked. The he continued with a pause, "One finger? Do you think Vale can press Zen and make him not stand up only with one finger? Is Vale a supernatural being? The force pressing on Zen's body is not Vale's strength. He is using the white lotus under his feet to change the gravity distribution of the fighting court! In other words, Zen has been pressed by the gravity of the whole fighting court!"

"Even if what you say is true, it would take immense amount of skills on Vale's part to do it. Both of them are outstanding warriors. With his powerful strength, Zen can still stand up once again. If I were Zen, I probably have been crushed into dust..." The first disciple sighed.

While other disciples were discussing and murmuring, Zen didn't panic at all. Although he had been pressed into the crater again and again, he had been able to stand up every time successfully. Actually the gravity on him could not hurt him at all. On the contrary, his body was growing stronger under the high pressure as the warmth inside his body revitalized his power! So Zen remained calm and was not worried at all. It just looked like he was in a very awkward position for the time being. In Zen's eyes, appearances didn't matter. The most important thing was to make his body stronger and win the fight in the end!

Vale, at the same time, was also patient.

Previously he had been chided by Zen and he felt humiliated. Now, he just wanted Zen to lose his face for a longer time. In this way he could let other disciples see that Zen was not qualified to be his opponent at all! He felt pleased at this moment and hoped that this could last as long

g craters appeared one after the other. Soon, the whole fighting court became completely uneven. Now, it looked more like a construction field than an arena.

While the disciples were amazed at their fighting, Zen's Sword Step had become extremely fast. But since he had hidden his sword intent, his Sword Step could not be used to attack his opponent like Rocher's.

Vale was a stout opponent, but Zen had other powerful rivals too. On the way to the top of All Peak Competition, there would be more than one tough competitors for him, so he had to preserve his secrets to the last moment.

"Is that all you can do? Escape? You are a coward!" Vale shouted to Zen. However, he didn't stop tracking Zen and still kept using his skill of Flower-Picking Pointing.

But this time, just as he released the force by one finger, Zen suddenly became twice as fast as he already was. He jumped highly towards Vale and the six demonic phantoms also ran at him. They had been waiting for a long time on the fighting platform. Zen, together with his six demonic phantoms, was trying to surround Vale in a circle.

"Oh I can do more than just running away!" Zen finally graced Vale with a reply. In a mere second, Zen had arrived closely to Vale with a slight smile.

His giant fist of life vitality suddenly formed and pushed towards Vale swiftly!

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