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   Chapter 407 Flower-Picking Pointing (Part One)

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All Zen did in defence was to take a mere step backward. The lotus in the forefront burst abruptly and with that burst, preternatural fire like a red lotus shot up in its place. The temperature of the preternatural fire was so high that it could have easily burned everything in the world!

Even though Zen had jumped back in time to avoid the core of the explosion, the fire still affected him through heat and shockwave. He was pushed back about another twenty feet by the explosion of the lotus and hit the enchanted barrier heavily.

"I know that your life vitality is strange, and totally different from regular ones. You seem to have that weird capacity to engulf my lotus and win even against that move. Last time on the Hell Mountain, you have shown me your abilities. Did you honestly expect me to make the same mistake a second time?" Vale remarked with a cold smile. "Are you seriously under the delusion that you can defeat me only with your weird life vitality? Let me tell you this: you are day dreaming! I said that I would give you three years, and I agreed to do that because you weren't qualified to challenge me then, and you aren't qualified to do so now. Defeating you was a piece of cake for me then! Today as well, you are going to be defeated in a second!" Vale continued his monologue.

While he was talking, Vale had been calling out extra lotuses continuously. The lotuses collided with Zen's six demonic phantoms. And even though he himself was speaking slowly, his homicidal killing intent focused into the lotuses was growing stronger and stronger. Suddenly, amidst the ones fighting the phantoms, another lotus appeared and bloomed slowly in the middle of the fighting platform.

These flowers Vale was calling out were normally as large as a man's hand, and bloomed in several different colors, with each color possessing its own different, unique feature and power. For example, the red lot

one of his fingers pointed towards Zen gently.

"Flower-Picking Pointing with One Finger!"

With his motion, all the gravity of the fighting court disappeared and Zen felt as if all of it had been focused on him.

At Vale's command, the gravity inside the fighting court had been gathered into one point together and put on Zen's body! That essentially meant that the gravity he was already experiencing had been multiplied by Vale by a hundred times more!


Zen's body fell onto the ground heavily much like a mountain sunk in an earthquake. He was forced to fall on the fighting court, and a deep crater appeared beneath his body due to his great weight, increased by Vale, making him unable to move.

Vale shook his head and said, "I can stop you from standing up only by using gravitational force. You are even not strong enough for me to have to use my weapon!"

Zen stood up from the crater and Vale, who was still standing in the middle of the white lotus, pointed at him again. And once more, Zen was pushed into the crater. All the disciples heard the booming thud again.

The fight between Zen and Vale had attracted the attention of all the disciples of the Cloud Sect and they were paying more attention than that they had to pay to anything else.

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