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   Chapter 406 A Surprise For Kenneth

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"Younger generation? Are you kidding me? Vale, you're only a little older than me. You may have reached the Illuminating Soul Realm earlier than I do, but it doesn't mean you're more powerful than me! How dare you call me younger generation?" Zen snorted.

The participants of the All Peaks Competition were shocked when they had known that Zen might be Yan's elder brother.

When they heard the conversation between Zen and Vale, they were even more surprised to see Zen's attitude toward Vale.

Zen had shown great potential that made him the most powerful among the top disciples of the thirty-three peaks.

As a practitioner at the second-grade nature level, it was a miracle for Zen to defeat Cecil. Besides, his victory against Dick with his magical purple and black life vitality was the greatest miracle of all time.

However, both Cecil and Dick were only the top disciples of the thirty-three peaks. They were still far from Rocher, Wing, and Sheeny when it came to competence, and there was still a long way to go for them to be on par with the personal disciples.

Jacques was just at the second-grade nature level when he had participated in the previous competition. But because he was also a personal disciple, his power and competence had already been far beyond his peers.

The All Peaks Competition was held in many sessions. In each session, the first up to the third place had been won by the personal disciples, and it was seldom that the disciples of the thirty-three peaks would get the top ranks. When the personal disciples gave their best in the competitions, the disciples from the thirty-three peaks would lose their chance to be on the top twenty.

From this point, it was easy to see the gap between the disciples of the thirty-three peaks and the personal disciples. Although the number of personal disciples was small, they had easy access to abundant resources provided by the Cloud Sect and they had personal masters to teach them. Therefore, all of them were powerful enough with their own unique skills.

Vale was outstanding even amongst the personal disciples.

According to the Cloud Sect List, he was part of the top fifteen last year. However, the personal disciples' ranking in the Cloud Sect List was not reflective of their actual power and strength.

Because they seldom competed with the others and they could improve their skills so fast, the ranking list was unable to measure their real competence at all.

Even if Vale had ranked fifteen in the Cloud Sect List, it could be that he had the competence to be in the first rank.

The other disciples feared Vale and would stutter at the sight of him, just like how they would react in front of an elder.

And because of that, the other disciples thought Zen as extremely arrogant in his manner of speaking with Vale.

Vale had always been indifferent, but it was hard for him to stay calm right now because of Zen's sharp tongue. But since he had a reputation to protect, he dared not to speak ill towards Zen. But the rage in him had turned his face pale.

After all, Vale was no ordinary man. After many years of cultivation, he knew that it was very important for a practitioner to stay calm all the time. So, he summoned his life

one to check on Zen's cultivation records.

While Xu was busy calming Kenneth down, the competition in the battle ring became fiercer.

The lotus flowers were blossoming and formed a stream of lotuses, then started rushing towards Zen.

Each of the lotuses was about the same weight as ten bronze cooking vessels, and once these lotuses clung to him, Zen would slow down immediately. This was becoming a disadvantage for him.

At the moment, a homicidal intent of lotus summoned by Vale surrounded Zen. Vale tried to suppress Zen with the overwhelming homicidal intent of lotus.

'Does he think I could be easily suppressed? Dream on!' Zen thought.

The effect of Vale's homicidal intent of lotus on Zen started to diminish. Now Zen took the Sword Steps and kept moving around the battle ring as the six demonic phantoms he controlled knocked down the lotuses.

"Phew! Phew! Phew..."

With the incredible force of the demonic phantoms, the lotuses were crushed into pieces. Their petals scattered all over the ground, making the battle ring look like a mess. After a short moment, the petals transformed back as original vitality and disappeared in the air. By natural law, since these lotuses came from nature, they would eventually come back to nature in the form of original vitality.

Although the demonic phantoms were powerful, Zen could only summon six of them for now. Vale, on the other hand, could summon hundreds of lotuses with just a wave of his hand. Most of the lotuses had been crushed by the demonic phantoms, but there were still a few that escaped from the gap between the demonic phantoms, and now they were chasing after Zen.

Despite that, Zen wasn't afraid at all

because he could withstand the weight of the lotus from the beginning. And with that, he was more confident that he could absorb these lotuses with demonic life vitality.

But to Zen's surprise, the moment the demonic life vitality he released touched the lotus, the color of the lotus suddenly changed from bright red to lurid red.

Zen became more cautious at the sight of the color change. He abruptly stopped and stepped backward with extremely high speed.

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