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   Chapter 405 Extremely Arrogant (Part Two)

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After the cheers had died down, suddenly, there was a young man standing and walking in the air step by step, with both hands on his back. It seemed that there were some transparent stairs in the air so that Vale could step on them. And every time he took a step, a lotus flower bloomed right under his foot. Steps with lotus flowers! Those lotus flowers made Vale look gentle and aristocratic. Showing off indeed!

A great number of inner disciples were amazed at what they saw when Vale walked on the lotus flowers. Although most of them knew clearly that it wasn't difficult for him to do so since he had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm, but the great power and presence when he stepped on the lotus flowers shocked everyone anyhow.

Amid the shock, a long scream was heard from the many female disciples of the Lady Peak. Vale's appearance had produced a kind of galvanization on the battlefield.

Sitting in the group of personal disciples, Tracy Mo pouted and sneered with a cold smile on her face, "What a disgusting man! What does he think of himself, a prince or something? Why does he always show up like this?"

After hearing Tracy's words, Patrick, who was sitting right next to her joked, "So do you want to poke some holes on his body, Tracy?"

"Of course I do! If I get a chance to compete with him on the battlefield, I am definitely going to poke more than a few big holes on his body! He's such a poser every time he shows up! I am going to leave him in such a state that he won't be able to pose anymore!" Tracy replied resentfully, still pouting.

Zen stood motionless on the battlefield. He kept silent as he looked up at Vale, who was coming down slowly in the air.

After he had stepped down on the battlefield, Vale greeted him with a smile on his lips, "How do you do, Zen? It's beyond my expectation that you can take part in the All Peaks Competition in such a short time! What a surprise! I still remember what I said when we met on the Hell Mountain. I told you that I would give you three years to practice so that

ured on the Hell Mountain.

Zen got the information from Wurth when he was investigating what had happened to his sister earlier on. No one had more news than Wurth did in the Burning Sky Empire. He was a well-informed man.

Paying no attention to what the other disciples were talking about, Zen looked at Vale and continued, "As for the fucking appointed competition three years later! You made the appointment yourself! How dare you appoint a competition with me like that? Do you really think you have the ability to compete with me after I practice for three years straight? I would have definitely improved in that time, and you wouldn't be qualified to fight with me after that! But you know what, let's forget the three-year-later appointment and come back to this competition now! Do you think you have the ability to win the competition today?"

As a personal disciple, Vale couldn't maintain his smile anymore, even though that was his usual style. He had been insulted by Zen in the All Peaks Competition just now. Or, to put it bluntly, he was degraded and despised by Zen in front of the hundreds of thousands of disciples of the Cloud Sect. He stared at Zen with burning eyes, as if he wanted to cut him into pieces with his mere gaze. "Good! That's very good! There is a saying that the younger generation will surpass the older. That's great!"

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