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   Chapter 404 Extremely Arrogant (Part One)

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The competition between Jacques and Stanley wasn't so thrilling. Most of it was pretty boring since Jacques was overwhelmingly superior to Stanley in every aspect and dominated him every step of the showdown. There was little Stanley could do to protect himself against Jacques.

However, that did not mean that the elites of all the thirty three peaks and all the personal disciples present ignored the fight. Instead, they observed it carefully.

It was worth noting though, that the majority of them focused their attention on Jacques and did not care what happened to Stanley.

Three years ago, Jacques had become one of the top 100 warriors when he was just at grade two of the nature level, landing him in the list of legends of the Cloud Sect. Although Zen had already broken his record now, no one dared to ignore Jacques and his strength.

Moreover, Jacques had retreated to practice for three years and he was at the Illuminating Soul Realm at present. No one had seen him fighting over the three years, and no one knew how powerful he was now. That was the reason why those elites and personal disciples paid a lot attention to Jacques, who was one of their potential opponents.

Unfortunately, Stanley was defeated so fast that Jacques only had a chance to show off his incomparably sturdy armor.

But the set of white bone armor he was wearing was already strong enough to attract all elites and personal disciples' attention. Its defensive ability was comparable to a common fairy weapon, which could resist almost all damage inflicted upon it. Jacques, hidden and protected in the armor, could definitely win the competition, especially considering the fact that if the white bone armor couldn't be broken by his opponent, then there was no way to inflict damage directly upon him.

Zen, standing outside the battlefield, also paid attention to Jacques all the time, but he believed that he had a few countermeasures in his pocket to attack the white bone armor. Though the armor looked completely impenetrable, there were means such as t

reasons why Zen was angry. What made him even more annoyed was that Vale didn't want to beat him but actually wanted to be together with his sister, Yan!

Zen gradually unlocked his frowned brows at this thought and assigned a cold look to his face instead. He had never worn such an expression on his face ever since taking part in the All Peaks Competition.

Standing next to Zen, both Master Wen and Yehudi noticed that Zen didn't look good. After being together with Zen for a while, they now knew clearly Zen would never look cold no matter how strong his opponent was, and he would never concede the competition to anyone, not even the personal disciples. So, they guessed that there was something behind Zen's change of expression.

"Are you okay, Zen?" Yehudi asked carefully.

With a brilliant smile on his face, Zen replied, "I'm fine. I'm just in a bad mood, and I want to kick someone's ass right now."

"Kick someone's ass?" Yehudi repeated and gave a gasp of surprise at what he had just heard. He then turned around and looked at the empty battlefield. It seemed that Zen's opponent hadn't come out yet.

"Yes!" Zen replied in a firm tone. Keeping cold expression of his face constantly, Zen walked towards the battlefield step by step.

Vale wasn't at the scene of the All Peaks Competition, and he didn't show up until it was his turn to fight.

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