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   Chapter 403 White Bone Armor

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Stanley's threads spread out like a spider's web. It was called Skynet.

Usually, during the fight, Stanley would try to force his opponent into the net. Once his prey was in the net, he would be shredded by Skynet's gold threads.

It would be a ghastly, bloody scene. So, Stanley hadn't tried this weapon in his previous fights. But now, he was facing a master's personal disciple. This was no time to hold back. He had to move very carefully. One wrong step and Stanley could be the one lying on the ground.

Stanley knew there was still a chance that Jacques would find a way to deal with Skynet. But Jacques seemed overconfident as he didn't even try to dodge it. Stanley's eyes widened when he saw Jacques walking into the net. It was almost impossible to crack Skynet from the inside.

'The fish is on the hook, ' Stanley thought. What choice did he have but to pull the thread thankfully? A cold smile danced on Stanley's lips. Men who had underestimated him paid for their ego with blood. Jacques might be smart and talented, but that wouldn't change the outcome of walking into the net. His ego would be his downfall. Stanley would see to it that Jacques shed more blood for this.

He dragged his thoughts back to the present and pulled his fan lightly. Then one of the gold threads moved, and the other threads moved with it. All the threads weaved in a special way. And now, they were rippling and twisting as they combined into a vast net. When ready, the net pounced in Jacques's direction.

The crowd tensed, and their faces grew grim at the scene.

The gold thread was as thin as a hair but as sharp as a steel sword. It could easily slice through a person's bone!

"My Skynet can cut through a spiritual weapon, let alone fragile flesh and bones of a human body. I know you have spent three years on your refining. But Jacques, you are dreaming if you think you can withstand my Skynet." As the Skynet inched closer and closer, space left for Jacques dwindled.

At first, Jacques walked over slowly. Then, he stopped and casually glanced at Stanley. To Stanley's surprise, Jacques was smiling.

There were so many emotions in Jacques' smile—scorn, contempt, indifference, and fearlessness.

Suddenly bloody mist exploded from his body. A second later, the mist turned into white bones. Layer upon layer of bones enclosed his arms, knees, and chest. It was a suit of armor made of white bones!

Something cold and sinister lurked inside those sleek white-jade-like bones, from which a dark aura emanated into the field. The sight sent a shiver down Stanley's back. For a short second, he felt like he wasn't facing Jacques but some ancient evil deity.

"Evil skill!" Stanley shouted. His expression changed as he sensed the dark aura from Jacques. He had never expected that Jacques would study evil skills.

"It's true. It's truly an evil skill! He has the smell of blood and death. I can feel it from here. I never thought Jacques would take this path."

"It is not an easy path. But if you are determined, the rewards are great. Evil refiners are much stronger than normal refiners."

Only the names of evil skills were handed down from ancient times. All the meth

ley couldn't bear it was being ignored. If Jacques treated this fight with the utmost seriousness and put all his attention into it from the beginning, Stanley would admit defeat knowing that he had been outmatched. But throughout the fight, it seemed like he was invisible to Jacques. He couldn't bear the shame. Stanley had to teach Jacques a lesson. There was a price to pay for arrogance!

"Gold Flower Fan!"


He pulled out his fan and unfolded it. Then he cast the fan in Jacques's direction. At the same time, the spiritual weapon's skill was activated.

There were numerous spiritual weapons in the Eastern Region, but very few spiritual weapons had skills. Generally speaking, a medium-grade spiritual weapon with skill had value equal to a top-grade spiritual weapon. The same rule applied to top-grade spiritual weapons and fairy weapons.

Why was the Phoenix Crystal and the Emerald Crystal that Zen had acquired so precious? That was because each of them could make a top-grade spiritual weapon comparable to a fairy weapon.

So, the activated Gold Flower Fan wasn't something to be trifled with.

High in the sky, the Gold Flower Fan split into numerous blade shadows. Each of the blade shadows spun frantically and flew toward Jacques. It seemed like these shadows could think. They attacked at the weak joints of the white bone armor like the elbows, head, waist, and knees.

Stanley believed that if he could take advantage of these vulnerable spots, there was no telling who would be the winner of this fight. He might even turn Jacques into a cripple.

A smile touched Jacques's lips. He didn't even dodge. Another bloody mist appeared around him. After the bloody mist dispersed, the white bone armor covered his entire body.

This scene brought a bitter taste to Stanley's mouth. Jacques had every reason to despise him. And there was nothing Stanley could do to deal with this white bone armor. As long as Jacques stayed in his armor, he was unbeatable.

As he thought about this, Jacques slammed into Stanley. In the next instant, everything went black. He knew nothing after that.

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