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   Chapter 402 The Legendary Jacques (Part Two)

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After hearing those disturbing remarks, Jacques slowly walked to the edge of the battle ring, with his sharp eyes staring at Zen, and loudly and firmly said, "I want to launch a challenge against you!"

The dare made the audience sit up in attention. They didn't think Jacques could be so intense and straightforward. The disciples were merely comparing the two warriors and did not expect Jacques to issue a challenge to Zen.

Many of the spectators shared the same though. 'Zen is at the second grade of nature level, while Jacques has broken through the Illuminating Soul Realm. Presumably, his strength will be superior among disciples with the strength of the same realm. But for him, to challenge Zen is quite brazen and almost a form of bullying.'

In a low voice, Master Wen said, "Zen, don't say yes!"

He was afraid to offend Jacques. Although he was a master of Drizzle Peak, Jacques' mentor was either a saint, or an elder, whose status was far higher than his.

But Zen looked at Jacques without fear and dispassionately said, "Whether we fight or not, I follow Cloud Sect's arrangement. If according to the rules of All Peaks Competition, you and I are assigned to have a match, I will certainly not refuse."

His tone and attitude riled Jacques. "Are you afraid? Ahhh, don't worry. I won't let anyone say I am trying to bully you because of my more superior power. I will adjust my strength to the nature level and fight you fairly!"

He looked at Zen squarely, determination and pride burning in his eyes.

To his surprise, Zen burst out in laughter.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Jacques' words ignited his fighting spirit. Sharply, he jeered, "Me, afraid? Jacques, do you know what fairness is?

I still stand by what I said previously. If we are to be assigned to the same match to fight each other, don't worry for my sake, or control your power because I promise to defeat you!"

Zen's pronouncements made the disciples of Drizzle Peak and all other peaks inhale sharply and hold their breath for several seconds.

At the same time, tens of thousands of disciples sitting in front of the Picture Slab also took a deep breath. While these disciples only had a view of Jacques on the Picture Slab, Zen's words we

n lightly, he completely unfolded the fan, enabling him to wave it around him randomly.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!" The sound of the fan whipping the air had everyone's attention.

As Stanley's hand flipped the golden fan rapidly, one streak of life vitality after another was being released by the spiritual weapon at the same time.

Stanley's life vitality was extremely special. He would always think of something very sharp so the life vitality pulled out by the golden fan did not transform into a particular object. Instead, it released a kind of gold thread as thin and fine as a hair strand. Had it not reflected a little golden light under the sun, it would have been hardly visible to the naked eye.

Like everyone else, Zen had his eyes wide open and glued to the battle ring, watching the match unfold. Once before, he experienced a similar attack. It was at the trial of Bloody Mountain, where Ryan used his spiritual weapon to draw out a kind of indestructible line of energy. During that test, Zen suffered scratches all over his body from the thin lines of energy that struck him.

Looking at the gold thread pulled out from Stanley's fan, Zen saw it was more powerful than the thin lines that came out of Ryan's spiritual weapon. Everyone in the audience waited curiously at how Jacques would deal with this.

And just as they began thinking of how the personal disciple would deal with the attack, Jacques simply walked towards the gold threads coming from Stanley's fan.

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