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   Chapter 401 The Legendary Jacques (Part One)

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Winning the competition against Dick was not easy for Zen. He didn't try his best during the fight and merely relied on the skills from the Heavenly Ogre Fist, so he was still fortunate to have won.

The fighting effectiveness of the demonic phantom, one of the skills of the Heavenly Ogre Fist, was so surprisingly good that even Zen was startled by it. While he had planned to use it when he entered the next round of competition, fighting with someone of Dick's ability by depending only on corporeal body and absolute power was no guarantee for victory.

As for the disciples of Drizzle Peak, while it came as a great surprise when Zen beat Dick, they were becoming numb to his victories because of his successive wins and his consistency in overthrowing their speculations.

Thus, when Zen descended from the ring, Master Wen found himself at a loss for words appropriate and sincere enough to congratulate the warrior's astounding victory. Instead of platitudes, he only laughed, grabbed Zen by the shoulders, and said, "You're clearly the lucky star of Drizzle Peak!"

Perhaps, because of Zen's efforts alone, the fate of Drizzle Peak would completely change. From the last place among the 33 Peaks, it might be able to jump to the front rank, much like Yan who, at that time, led the Lady Peak to surpass the other peaks all the way and pushed her team to the second place among the 33 Peaks.

With Zen's victories, none of the disciples of Drizzle Peak doubted his strength.

Dick was a completely different warrior from Cecil, whom Zen fought previously.

While also a powerful warrior of the Illuminating Soul Realm, Cecil was a relatively weaker one.

How did he differ from Dick?

Dick was the top disciple of Blackrock Peak.

And it was this team that ranked second among the 33 Peaks. Beating Dick in the competition was an indication that Zen had the strength and power to make the top ranking among inner disciples of the Cloud Sect.

Despite his achievements, there were still those who doubted Zen.

"Maybe Dick allowed Zen to win on purpose," one disciple proposed.

He was among those unwilling to acknowledge Zen'

r one added with curiosity, eager to know more about Jacques.

"Ho, ho, ho! Even if he's made improvements, so what?

If Zen didn't show up, Jacques, who was at the second grade of nature level and included among the top 100 rankings, would stay as a legend. That's a rather rare situation in the Cloud Sect. However, at the same level, Zen could even beat Dick and jump into the top 50. I'm saying the gap between the top 100 and top 50 is quite huge. It's quite easy for anyone who enters the top 100 to make a few improvements in their rankings. But for those entering the top 50, they have great difficulty in improving even one place. In my opinion, Jacques' strength three years ago was much inferior to that of Zen's today," a senior disciple gave a more specific analysis.

"You're right about Jacques not being as good as Zen three years ago. But now, after three years of hard training, Jacques has also stepped into the Illuminating Soul Realm. And since he's been able to compete with those beyond his level, and now that he's entered the Illuminating Soul Realm, won't his strength be supposed during the competitions to be even more terrifying?

How can Zen be an equal opponent?" another senior disciple added his own positive analysis.

Those disciples were making comparisons between the two men because both Zen and Jacques participated in the Competition while they were at the second grade of nature level.

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