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   Chapter 400 A Gentleman

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The power of the golden light that burst from the Righteousness Song was more terrifying than Zen ever imagined.

It nearly clung to his back and swept past him. Although it didn't hit Zen, he felt the power behind it.

The righteousness was horrifying.

If the golden light, with its tremendous power, hit Zen, it would undoubtedly cut through his body.

The young man was confident enough about his body strength. Only with those who had been in the Illuminating Soul Realm for so many years being his rivals would he not dare resist the attacks with his physical body, like James Mo.

Apparently, after Dick had written the Righteousness Song, he had strength equal to James'.

Still, comparing Dick's strength to that of James' would not be appropriate because while Dick might have exerted maximum strength, the force utilized by James was not the strongest during their battle. To Zen's mind, the pressure was more from James than Dick.

While both Dick and James were masters in the Illuminating Soul Realm, the former had just entered the realm, while the latter was already at the advance stage.

The golden light missed Zen as it hit a light curtain of enchanted barrier, which momentarily blocked its radiance. However, it was not sufficient to completely stop the golden light. A wave resembling a ripple on the surface of the enchanted barrier appeared before the golden light penetrated it.


Once it pierced the enchanted barrier, the golden light continued in its path and shot to the group of Vulture Peak. It whizzed past an ear of a disciple before boring into the ground where it left a dark round hole no one knew how deep.

The disciple from Vulture Peak turned pale and stood still as he felt the light by his ear. It left him speechless. Had it been any closer, the golden light would have cut through his head cleanly.

It was possible for anyone at the All Peaks Competition to be severely injured or even die due to influence in the aftermath of the contest owing to the intensity of the rivalry.

The master from Vulture Peak was now nervous and hurried to inform all the other disciples to move back. He was aware that if the golden light broke the enchanted barrier again, the disciples from their peak would probably not be so lucky.

There was also a change in the expression of several saints who guarded the arena. If the life vitality influence on the field caused serious injury to disciples outside, this would be considered an accident. To prevent this from happening, they joined hands and put the life vitality in the huge array of the enchanted barriers to immediately make them much denser.


Quickly, Dick weighed the situation.

He saw the demonic life vitality continuously devoured the Righteousness Song. Dick had to defeat Zen before the demonic life vitality swallowed all the Righteousness Song. Otherwise, he would be a failure.

As golden light from the Righteousness Song successively burst out to target Zen, he jumped, rolled, and dodged continuously, like a cheetah avoiding a hunter in the forest.

Both warriors were striving for that last chance to defeat the other.

If Dick managed to hit Zen, the latter would surely lose. But as long as Zen resisted the attack of the golden light, his demonic life vitality could devour the Righteousn

s over in an instant. Zen had quickly turned the tables that so many disciples had no time to react.

"What do you know?

Dick's righteousness doesn't allow him to push himself too far. What's more, considering Dick's character, if he admits defeat, that means he definitely can't win against Zen!"

Suddenly, there was whining!

"Ahhhh... My points!

I've lost more than 800 points!" A disciple was in deep sorrow. Eight hundred points was equivalent to 1, 600 cubic crystals. Even a disciple from the noble clans would be sad to lose that much money. He had bet on Dick and lost everything.

The happiest, however, was not Zen, or Master Wen, or the disciples from Drizzle Peak. They were the people who bet on Zen.

One of them was Zachary of Ninety-foot Peak, whose wild laughter reverberated in his peak non-stop. Most inner disciples thought he had become a fool, but no one dared say anything to his face. After all, Zachary was very, very strong. He didn't join the All Peaks Competition, but other than the ones who competed, he was the strongest among the spectators.

No one knew that Zachary also thought he behaved like an idiot standing and laughing wildly, but he was so happy that he couldn't control himself.

He had bet 1200 cubic crystals on Zen, and as a result, would make nine times more than he put in.

With Zen's victory, Zachary's total cubic crystals rose to more than ten thousand, a vast amount of money that he never imagined before, which now gave him a great fortune.

Every time he thought of his ten thousand cubic crystals, Zachary's heart would race and he would breathe quickly.

Would he continue to bet on Zen? Now that Zen had defeated Dick, the odds following this competition would certainly go down. After all, this had been a tough fight and Zen proved his strength and ability. No banker would be stupid enough to offer Zen high odds. Otherwise, they would lose everything.

'Even if the odds were 1:2, my ten thousand cubic crystals would double to twenty thousand, ' Zachary thought.

'That's twenty thousand cubic crystals!'

His expression turned vicious. He would risk everything, Zachary decided, so he continued to bet ten thousand cubic crystals on Zen.

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