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   Chapter 399 Righteousness Song (Part Two)

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Dick, no longer scrupled by the demonic phantoms, kept on writing with much determination. And the words were getting more and more powerful, lively and vigorous!

After a while, the demonic phantoms failed to break his defense song, and Dick had written down the entire Righteousness Song neatly!

"Done!" Dick proclaimed in a confident tone.

The brush in the hand gently glided gracefully as he drew the finishing point.

"Droning droning droning..."

A whole song was suspending at Dick's side, constantly shaking and singing. The written words, with black ink, gradually emitted a radiating golden sheen.

Dick was now like a great ancient saint, sending out the sense of a power that usually made people bow to him, without the slightest resistance from the heart.

Dick's gaze swept across those demonic phantoms. The next moment he pointed a finger, and a golden light shot out from the Righteousness Song! This gleaming golden light ran through the demonic phantoms directly!


Within a flash, the demonic phantoms cracked, turned into flashes and condensed into new demonic phantoms yet again.

"This is not possible. I can't believe that the life vitality is imperishable. Having been broken for so many times, they should be unable to recover..." Dick said in an indifferent tone as he immediately sprung his fingers continuously

Under Dick's control, flashes of golden light seamlessly shot at the demonic phantoms. After being shattered repeatedly again and again, the demonic phantoms were doggedly restored to their former condition each time.

Facing Dick's attack, Zen's mind too was spinning at full speed.

Of course, those phantoms were not immortal!

Between heaven and earth, everything was affected by the law of time, even l

n of the righteousness spirit, and it remained unharmed by attacks from swords and cutters, even the mighty fairy weapons.

But as the demonic life vitality twined around it, it was swallowing up the golden light entirely!

"Swallow the golden light? No way!" Dick suddenly panicked, he did not expect that Zen's demonic life vitality would be able to swallow the light entirely. It was swallowing his Righteousness Song. Upon seeing many words on the Righteousness Song's surface slowly dim down, Dick was scared that the Righteousness Song would be swallowed up entirely soon...

Dick suddenly looked at Zen, realizing that he should not have bothered himself dealing with the demonic phantoms before, instead, he should just beat Zen with the Righteousness Song sooner. As long as Zen was defeated, these demonic phantoms would fall back immediately.

Finally, Dick was clear about everything. He stretched out his hand and a thick and big golden light shot out from the Righteousness Song. It was almost six times bigger than the former light, which went straight towards Zen.

In the face of Dick's frontal attack, Zen sped up and suddenly dodged aside as if he was the wind itself!

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