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   Chapter 398 Righteousness Song (Part One)

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"Boom, boom, boom!"

In an incredibly fast, almost thunderous speed, the demonic phantoms struck. After two rounds of being struck by three demonic phantoms, a defense song beside Dick cracked and began to disintegrate before falling apart. With only five defense songs around him, he could survive only eight or nine rounds of attacks by the demonic phantoms.

And considering the demonic phantoms' attack speed, he realized all his defense songs would be broken within a few moments. And if all the demonic phantoms hit on his body, Dick strongly doubted if he could survive even one round of the brutal attack!

At this time Dick was really in a fix. He not only needed to write kill songs, but also defense songs. Dick was in possession of a magic pen, was extraordinarily brilliant in writing and also was a great master of cursive script. However, right now, he was too busy on writing the defense song and kill song to care about maintaining the attractive sleekness of his words. Instead, every word was written askew, and there was nothing to suggest that a master of cursive script had actually written them.

In fact, Dick's hand was quivering violently even while writing. On any other day, he wouldn't write with such a shaky and unstable hand. At this moment, except pushing his life vitality to the limit, he cared about nothing.

Even though Dick urged his life vitality to the limit on writing, it couldn't keep up with the loss of the songs. The number of kill songs in the Thirteen Kills Array over there steadily dwindled, and so did the number of defense songs over here...

"One last defense song!"

A single defense song could only withstand two rounds of attack coming from the demonic phantoms. And owing to the increasing attack speed of the demonic phantoms, a defense song could be broken even in a breath's time

out the demonic phantoms. Everybody was extremely disappointed. As things stood still, Dick might not escape the inevitable outcome after all. He might even lose the fight.

But what was not expected was that with the last defense song, he would write a Righteousness Song!

Meanwhile, Zen concentrated on manipulating the demonic phantoms to break Dick's defense song, but just at the moment, he sensed a tremendous power and influence radiating from Dick!

This power was not sharp, but it was very thick, as if in possession of a collection of the general trend of the world. And it pressed over towards Zen. For a second, Zen's six demonic phantoms were shaken up and Zen's control over them also got slower.

"The Righteousness Song?" Zen's pupil shrank slightly as his expression grew grim but dignified.

Sure enough, the strength of any of the top 100 disciples on Cloud Sect chart could not be underestimated by anyone! 'But it's all right. Let me have a good and fair fight with you!' shrugged Zen. Even in the face of righteousness's overwhelming force, Zen did not reflect an ounce of fear. Instead, there was a flickering and bright light lighting up in his eyes, and a turbulent energy emanating from his body.

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