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   Chapter 397 Eye-opener

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Most of the disciples of Cloud Sect knew little about heaven and earth, much less the mysteries of the sword intent and other forms of the martial arts.

The questions ranged in complexity. What exactly did sword intent mean? How was it structured? The sword intent was a different kind of mastery altogether. It was difficult to understand and imagine, otherwise, it would not have been arduous to practice it.

The disciples did not understand heaven and earth.

However, most of them were nature creatures, and a few were already into the Illuminating Soul Realm. So, they understood the transformation of life vitality well enough.

After entering the nature level, a person could gather life vitality in his belly. Then through contemplation, he could transform it into various elements.

As long as imagination was present, life vitality could metamorphose into anything.

For instance, Dick turned his life vitality into dark ink, to be used to write with his brush.

Some others converted life vitality into daggers and broadswords. A person could even morph it into a house for people to live in.

The six demonic phantoms that emerged out of Zen's life vitality didn't seem too astonishing of a feat at the beginning of the battle. Most in the audience felt that Zen's phantoms didn't compare with Dick's thirteen mighty words.

A single glance at the thirteen words was enough to sense their killing intent. Zen was only at the second stage of the nature level. How could his six demonic phantoms defend themselves against the attacks of the array of thirteen kills?

However, the crowd was soon stunned by what unfolded before them. A lone demonic phantom managed to successfully block the attack of the array of thirteen kills. Not only that, it broke three kill songs of the array in one blow.


A single formation of the demonic phantom had as much strength as that of a fairy weapon. What was even more sensational was that the demonic phantom could return to its original state right after getting smashed to smithereens.

"His life vitality transformed into an entity, which condensed to its original state right after getting smashed to pieces. This… is unbelievable!" a voice called out.

"Heavens!" someone else exclaimed. "Zen has a lot of power in him. How are those phantoms so strong too? Is this guy truly only at the second stage of the nature level?"

"I've said before that Zen must have his own trump card. Just because his cultivation level is too low, nobody bothers to investigate him. Otherwise, everyone would be on their toes when fighting against him!"

"Whether or not he has a trump card is not the issue. But his power is far too unusual! The entity formed from his life vitality can return to its original state after getting demolished to pieces. Who has ever heard of that? It's certainly my first time seeing anything like this, ever since I became a nature creature!"

For a while, the comments flew back and forth.

In the area for Skytop Peak, two tall men stood upright at the fr

e Eastern Region, Rocher was eager to travel the world to do so. Rocher might not be as powerful as Wing at the moment, but he would surely surpass Wing's achievements if he dreamed that big.

Wing and Sheeny didn't speak a word. Meanwhile, the battle grew intense.

Facing Zen's indomitable demonic phantoms, Dick felt pressured.

He waved his writing brush, and the kill songs rushed out of the sharp tip constantly, hovering over Zen to bolster the array of thirteen kills.

Initially, the attack was effective. As the kill songs smashed the demonic phantoms, some of the former also got destroyed. However, Dick had a lot of life vitality, and the words only cost him about ten percent of it. That could be ignored. He just needed to supplement the kill songs gradually.

But in a few moments alone, Dick began to face a new set of problems.

One of the demonic phantoms resisted the attacks of the assembly of thirteen words, while the remaining five divided themselves into two groups. One group went to intercept the new kill songs Dick created. He made new kill songs at gaps of a few minutes, during which two demonic phantoms blocked the paths of the new words.

Not a single kill song could come to the aid of the array of thirteen kills. They were outmatched, unable to defeat even one of the demonic phantoms in power. Finally, those supplement kill songs were destroyed by the demonic phantoms, and the latter remained uninjured. It was obvious that the demonic phantoms were indeed powerful. Only under the throttling force of the thirteen words would the demonic phantoms be destroyed, and in turn, they would break a few kill songs of the array. If it was a one-on-one fight, a lone demonic phantom was able to beat a single kill song easily.

Dick's heart sunk. He knew that if the array of thirteen kills did not get their replenishment, they would fall and the battle would be over soon.

The two groups of demonic phantoms separated themselves into two lines, and as Dick watched, three of them rushed toward him.

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