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   Chapter 396 Borrowing Nature’s Creative Powers

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Dick was levels higher than Zen. But when he saw the latter emitted a powerful life vitality in a short span of time, he started to become serious.

Dick was surprised to see Zen's body strength. But he thought that Zen had only the corporeal body strength, so he still didn't pay too much attention to him.

Despite Zen's powerful defense, Dick didn't fear him at all. After all, if Zen could not break through his power of defense song, Dick would never be defeated.

But seeing the life vitality Zen emitted all of a sudden, Dick knew that defeating Zen wouldn't be easy.

Dick was still curious as to why Zen didn't use the life vitality in his previous matches.

There were only two possibilities. Firstly, Zen didn't have a powerful life vitality, and Zen's most powerful shot was his enormous innate superhuman strength.

Secondly, Zen had far more power than he had expected, and he'd been hiding his own advantages during his previous fights because he didn't want others to know his trump card.

But based on his assessment, the first one was nearly impossible. Zen's body and strength were in such a formidable status so how could his life vitality be weak? Moreover, the two clouds of dark purple life vitality in front of him gave him the clue of how much power Zen's life vitality had. 'This power is really strong!' Dick thought to himself.

While Dick was lost in his own thoughts, he was retreating as his hand kept writing swiftly. The words of 'Kill' flew out from his brush pen simultaneously. This fight seemed to go on forever.

Dick had forgotten that Zen was only at grade-two nature level. He considered Zen as the most powerful opponent he had ever encountered in the battle ring.

"Kill, kill, kill..."

The words formed and flew out from the end of Dick's brush pen. They made an amazing array and rushed towards Zen.

"Thirteen Kills Array!"

The Thirteen Kills Array was Dick's most powerful attack move and his absolute killer.

But this final killer was not originally intended for Zen. He was reserving this attack move for the personal disciples of the big men.

The Blackrock Peak was the second-ranked peak in Cloud Sect. And being the top disciple of the Blackrock Peak, Dick had the ambition to be the top one in the All Peaks Competition. The personal disciples of the big men were stronger than most of the disciples from the thirty-three peaks, and Dick had intended to reserve that skill to them.

But now Dick realized that he needed to use that skill to Zen or he wouldn't have the chance to win this competition.

Dick could just admit defeat and give up at that moment. With his undefeated record in all his other fights, he could go on in the competition even if he had lost one or two rounds.

But Dick wasn't willing to do anything like that. He was a gentleman and he couldn't do such tricks. Besides, his opponent was just at grade-two nature level. If he truly wasn't as strong as Zen, he would rather lose to him than give up. He was a gentleman and he could not give up without even trying to fight.

Once the Thirteen Kills Array appeared, the fighting court was filled with killing intent and Zen felt a sense of oppression as if he was in hell. The face of the referee turned pale and hurriedly got out of the stage. The audienc


"This is insane!"

He tried to keep calm, but he was so astonished that he exclaimed.

For an ordinary warrior, the process of changing his life vitality into a weapon was not reversible. For example, Dick could turn his life vitality into words, but once the words were destroyed, they would turn back into original vitality then dissipated into the world again.

That was why the original vitality existed in the world.

During a warrior's cultivation, he would absorb original vitality into his body and turn it into his own life vitality. Once he used his life vitality, it would turn into original vitality again. And this was how it should always be.

In other words, original vitality was the creative power of nature. Human beings could absorb and use it from nature. It was like borrowing nature's creative powers.

And nature had always been generous. If the life vitality wouldn't turn back into original vitality, the original vitality would have been used up by now considering that there were a lot of people who absorbed and used it.

No humans could stop the natural cycle. Everyone would return the original vitality to nature after they had used it as their own life vitality.

But what did Dick see just now?

When his killing array broke Zen's demonic phantom, by nature's law, it should have been turned into original vitality and disappeared into nature.

But, to Dick's surprise, it gathered together and reshaped into a demonic phantom again.

It was beyond nature's law and human comprehension.

If Dick could see what was happening, so did the rest of the audience.

Having a slight knowledge about the Heavenly Ogre Fist, Kenneth wasn't that surprised. Although he could not practice the Heavenly Ogre Fist, he clearly understood the wonders of the cultivation method and had seen other people use it. But that was not the case to Elder Yu. He was astonished and couldn't say a word. He just heard about the Heavenly Ogre Fist, but never expected that it had so much power.

Also, the disciples who knew little about life vitality couldn't keep their excitement. They all roared in cheers and started discussing amongst themselves.

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