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   Chapter 395 A Serious Matter (Part Two)

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Only a small number of people had bet on Zen. They had hoped that a newcomer would be able to prove himself during the competition. Considering Zen's performance, it was their turn to gloat. "I knew that Zen would have a trump card up his sleeve! Although he is only at the second-grade of the nature level, he has prevailed in all the fights. He is a capable man!"

Kenneth, who sat on the terrace high above the arena, was shocked when he saw the demonic life vitality gathering on Zen's hands. He studied the demonic life vitality—his eyes as sharp as two knives. Then he muttered slowly, "What just happened? If I see correctly, the life vitality in Zen's hands is demonic life vitality!"

Elder Xu, who was beside Kenneth, was also surprised. His face grew solemn. "Yes, it is indeed demonic life vitality! This guy mastered demonic life vitality. But how... How did he enter the Heavenly Library and obtain the Heavenly Ogre Fist?"

"Haha, the Heavenly Ogre Fist had been in the Heavenly Library for hundreds of years. Over the years, only three people have been able to get it before Zen. Two of them failed to master the Heavenly Ogre Fist, and the third was stopped by Uncle Kent who forbade him from practicing it. I never expected... that there could be someone who would master the Heavenly Ogre Fist," Kenneth said in surprise.

Uncle Kent, as mentioned by Kenneth, was the elderly man Zen had met when he took the Heavenly Ogre Fist from the Heavenly Library. Kent was a man of high standing, and so, Kenneth had to pay respect by calling him Uncle Kent.

"The Heavenly Ogre Fist is a tier-5 cultivation method. It has been said that it is impossible for humans to master it. I have no idea how this guy managed to do so." Elder Xu seemed envio

some unknown reason, they chose not to report this to the leader. Moreover, they blocked a lot of news about Zen that showed his great talents during his practice.

"Sir, few people can recognize the Heavenly Ogre Fist. I'm afraid that even if Zen showcases the skill in public, no one will be able to recognize it," Xu analyzed.

"Yes, you're right. But I will investigate this matter. If someone has been intentionally hiding this information despite knowing it is a serious matter, I will make them pay!" Kenneth said calmly.

Xu was astonished by Kenneth's vow. Although it had nothing to do with him, he could sense the intention to kill in Kenneth's words. Shivers traveled down Xu's spine. He had thought that this accomplishment would highlight Zen's potential. He didn't expect that Kenneth would attach such great importance to this matter. 'Is it really so difficult to master this tier-5 cultivation method?' He wondered.

Zen, of course, couldn't hear their conversation. Zen's knowledge was only limited to the Eastern Region. He had no idea what was behind the Heavenly Ogre Fist. He just happened to have chosen this technique to break Dick's defense.

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