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   Chapter 394 A Serious Matter (Part One)

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At the sight, the crowd began to discuss.

"Dick's blow is so terrifying. He could strike Zen into the air using only the kill song. He is so much stronger than Zen. Zen will lose in this round."

"I'm afraid the damage would be more than just losing the battle. The word 'kill' is so unfathomable. It contains terrifying power within itself. And I had a bad feeling when I saw this word. It seems as though it might bounce Zen's force back. That's to say Zen will suffer the damage of his own attack as well as the blow from the word 'kill'. Whether he can still stand or not, remains to be seen."

"Oh! I get it. Zen was hit by the innate superhuman strength from himself. I hope that he is unable to stand. Yes, he should not be able to stand. I bet all on him losing, and I lost my money in the previous rounds in which Zen fought and won. If he continues to win, I will lose all my money. I gambled on Dick being stronger. If Zen fails, I will recover my money and perhaps, even make a profit!"

"Don't worry. He won't recover from this attack. Even if his body is made of steel and iron, he can't withstand it."

In fact, except for the disciples from Drizzle Peak and the people who wagered on Zen's victory, almost all the other people hoped that Zen would lose. They prayed that Zen wouldn't stand after the blow.

Zen didn't get up. But it was not because he couldn't. He was thinking about how to deal with the current situation. Zen figured it would be best if he stayed down and used the time to find a solution to break Dick's word trick.

After careful consideration, Zen realized that it would be impossible for him to break Dic

out from Zen's hands and blazed like purple black flames. The life vitality burned vehemently, and what a frightening scene it was!

Amidst the purple black life vitality, there were glints of sparkling starlight. It seemed to contain the power of stars that were hidden in the sky. At this sight, the audience was terrified.

"Oh? Zen employed his life vitality... How did I forget that Zen is a nature creature? Perhaps it's because he hasn't used his life vitality so far!"

"Nonsense! I have said it before. Some people tend to hide their real strength during competitions. So why can't Zen do the same?"

"But Zen's life vitality looks so formidable, putting a lot of strain on people. It seems to be unique. I really wonder what kind of cultivation method this is."

All the people were surprised. From the beginning of the competition, Zen had relied on his superhuman strength and his strong corporal body to defeat his opponents. They were not accustomed to seeing him use life vitality. Moreover, most of the spectators had wagered on Dick. If Zen won, they would lose all their money.

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