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   Chapter 388 Flying (Part Two)

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Cecil who could sense the change of airflow as it occurred understood that he would need to move along with the eye of the cyclone to assure his safety. If not, he would be hurt by the wind blades as well.

As light as a swallow, Zen had been brought to the sky by the cyclone. He let the turbulent airflow propel him, and drifted with the wind.

Although Cecil's wind blades were quite sharp, they were inferior to James' sword energy.

James had condensed a ton of dreadful sword intent into his sword energy. If Zen were struck by his sword energy, it was no doubt that he would be cut in half. Zen had no hope to fight against James's sword energy unless he upgraded his body to the level of a fairy weapon.

What was more, Cecil's cultivation method was not quite suitable for a one-on-one challenge. Instead, if he were fighting on a battlefield, his Twins Chaos Cyclone might have played a significant role, because the range of the Twins Chaos Cyclone was large and it would destroy all combatants sucked into it.

To be frank, none of the members of the Zhuge Clan were good at fighting alone. Among the many cultivation methods passed from one generation to another within the Zhuge Clan, loads of them were on military strategy and tactics, as well as famous military formations. That was why the Zhuge Clan often dispatched their members to the Imperial Army as counselors. They were born to lead troops.

Thus, even if the wind blades cut Zen's robe, they did not have the power to penetrate his spiritual weapon-like body.

Gusts of violent wind carried Zen in the air. He was like a butterfly fluttering along with the wind and rain. Some thought he looked like a

ion will not be easy to bear! The blade probably severed his bowels!"

"Well, given the immense power of the Twins Chaos Cyclone, he is really, really lucky for not being minced yet. But this blow is the first of many. With a few more accidental hits like this, he will be mangled..."

"Why hasn't he surrendered? If I were him, I would have given up a long time ago. While there is life, there is hope. Even if I lose this year's All Peaks Competition, I can try again in three years. Regardless of this guy's strength, he is definitely a lunatic!"

As the disciples murmured between themselves, a huge wind blade suddenly flew in Zen's direction.

Imagining the damage the massive wind blade would do to Zen, many female disciples began shrieking.

The battle referee looked grave, and his complexion paled. According to the rules of the arena, only when Zen admitted defeat would the referee be able to rescue Zen. Now, with the wind blade about to hit Zen, he anxiously waited for Zen to shout "I give up!"

However, to the referee's surprise, Zen would rather collide with the wind blade than surrender!

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