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   Chapter 385 The Crude Imitation (Part Tow)

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Essentially, since Zen was only at the second grade of nature level, it seemed obvious to most people that he was an opportunistic rat, who would come up against a mighty master, like a disciple of the Illuminating Soul Realm, and then he would be at a loss and end up pulverized.

'So, Cecil Zhuge is a member of the Illuminating Soul Realm. Maybe I will try out the Sword Step, ' mused Zen instead of worrying like Mater Wen did. When he was at a half-step into the nature level, he managed to get the upper hand during a fight against a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm. Now, having broken through the confines that had held him back, Zen was at the second grade of nature level, so, it shouldn't be as challenging to win against a disciple of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

Zen had completely mastered the extraordinary, quirky and ever fluctuating Sword Step, but, he wanted to test it in a real fray.

The tall, handsome man with an effeminate air who stood arrogantly straight in the ring was Cecil Zhuge. In his hand was a fan bearing Eight Diagrams. It became apparent that the Eight Diagrams weren't patterns inscribed on it though, instead, they were slowly revolving against the fan, like they were alive.

"Zen Luo, this isn't the first time I've heard your name," said Cecil Zhuge as he shook his head disdainfully and continued, "There are quite a few members in my family who hate your guts, it seems. If you weren't a disciple here at the Cloud Sect, you wouldn't be safe, and you would've died a hundred times over by now. It seems your luck has run out! You're my opponent, and I'm going to destroy you. Now, listen..."

Interrupting the monolog, Zen impatiently said, "I've got to hand it to the Zhuge family. Each of you, first Fren, then Yale, Josef, and now yo

as his eyes closed again, Rocher heard someone exclaim loudly, "What's going on? He knows the Sword Step method too?"

"Yes, that's definitely the Sword Step! Zen mastered the method as well!"

As the audience watched, Zen slowly made his way around the ring, performing the same maneuvers to the Sword Step method as Rocher did earlier, and dodged Cecil Zhuge's evil wind.

At first glimpse, some eagle-eyed disciples recognized the method and commented on Zen's performance. "That's the Sword Step. He's performing the technique exactly how Rocher did, but, Zen's Sword Step only appears identical. It doesn't contain the sword intent that Rocher used. How ridiculous, it's merely a crude imitation!"

"Ha-ha! Rocher used Sword Step, whereas this guy copied the motions and how they appeared, and hasn't learned about the sword intent within it. What's the use of that?"

The endless debating between disciples bombarded Rocher's ears. Intrigued along with being annoyed, he studied Zen as he moved around the ring swiftly. Suddenly, one of Rocher's eyebrows arched strikingly, and what he beheld left him pretty shaken up!

"That isn't true! Zen isn't taking simple steps!"

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