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   Chapter 377 Defeated Mack

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"Fire...where's the fire?"

Mack stuttered, with a look of disbelief.

The fire on the stone men was not ordinary at all.

Even in the Heaven-Fire killing array, the power of different kinds of heavenly fire varied. Meanwhile, the effect of the force depended on the realm.

Mack had always been confident about the fire. Once, when he had gone out for cultivation, a meteorite fell and made a big hole in the ground. The flame had burned for three days and nights in the pit. During this time, Mack had observed and contemplated the flame.

Mack was lucky because not every practitioner had the opportunity to observe a meteorite's flame. Since then, the fire had become a powerful weapon for him.

However, Mack was unable to use the meteorite's flame at will. Only after the killing array had been arranged, could he transform his life vitality into this powerful flame and release it through the illusion.

While the stone men was an illusion created by Mack, the meteorite's flame was real.

At that moment, Zen stood before him, unscathed and surrounded by a strong aura. 'Why is he safe from the flame of the meteorite? Is he immune to fire?

No, it's impossible! Even the legendary son of fire can't be immune to fire. He can only offset the damage from the flame of a meteorite after his understanding of fire has reached a certain degree, ' Mack thought.

"I can't believe the flame didn't burn you! Stone men of flame, come on! Go!" Mack ordered with gritted teeth. The stone men rushed at Zen from all directions.

When attacked by fire, Zen's body would produce warm currents that would absorb the damage. During this time, Zen would be in a peaceful state. However, Zen noticed that the meteorite's flame had not changed his body much. He looked at the dense golden Sanskrit words on his body and shook his head.

At the very beginning, his body had been refined by Evil Lan's fire, then by the fire of the Earth's core, and the demon's holy fire.

Although the flame of the meteorite was powerful, its purity degree was much lower than that of the fire of the Earth's core and the demon's holy fire. Besides, since Zen's body had reached the middle-grade level of a spiritual weapon, the flame of the meteorite was not powerful enough to refine his body. That was why his body hadn't absorbed this flame.

In other words, Zen's body had refused to absorb the flame of the meteorite, because the level of the flame was too low. Instead of forming a golden whirlpool to absorb the flame, his body had released some golden Sanskrit words to protect him from harm.

With tens of thousands of Sanskrit words attached to his skin, Zen looked like a golden man. Now, he was fearless in the face of the stone men of flame.

A sneer appeared on Zen's face when he saw the stone men coming toward him.

"Break!" Zen shouted.

Then he reached out and punched them.

"Bang! Bang! Bang...:"

In the blink of an eye, Zen crushed a few more stone men of flame.

Now, the remaining stone men of flame had gathered around Zen. With a roar, Mack triggered the explosion of all stone men at the same time.

"Explode! I don't believe yo

and Mack.

Yehudi sat still and adjusted his breath. After eating the Red Cloud Pill, he needed to mix it with his life vitality so that the pill would spread through the meridians of his body. Only in this way could the effect of the Red Cloud Pill be activated.

Now, in spite of focusing on the Red Cloud Pill, he kept an eye on the battle ring.

Yehudi had always kept calm no matter what the situation. Because his mother was a concubine, he had been mistreated since he was a child. Later, he had become the best disciple of Drizzle Peak, step by step, through his efforts and extraordinary talent. Although Drizzle Peak ranked last among the thirty-three peaks, his cultivation was beyond most disciples of all the peaks.

Yehudi had never been self-content. He had seen many high-level cultivators, so he knew that his achievements were not worthy of being celebrated.

No matter what the conditions, he had always dedicated himself to his martial arts and climbed the peak of cultivation practice. However, he had received a setback from Mack today. Not just Yehudi, all the disciples from Drizzle Peak looked sullen and defeated.

Except for Zen. Yehudi was Drizzle Peak's principal disciple. In fact, many disciples didn't know Zen, but they had heard of Yehudi.

Yehudi was filled with shame. As the disciple with the highest cultivation level at Drizzle Peak, he had been defeated by Mack. And he hadn't been able to fight back. A sense of shame, like a ghost, hovered in his mind.

He felt as if a stone was being pressed against his chest and he could hardly breathe.

If Yehudi couldn't stop thinking in this way, he would be stuck at the pinnacle of the nature level, and he would be unable to make further progress in the future.

Now, he could only rely on himself or Zen to get rid of his mental burden. If Zen could teach Mack a lesson on behalf of Drizzle Peak, Yehudi would be relieved.

"Zen, you must win!" Yehudi encouraged Zen.

At the other end of the battle ring, Master Yu was talking with Saint Yang. The atmosphere of their conversation seemed very relaxed.

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