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   Chapter 376 Heaven-Fire Killing Array (Part Two)

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Zen entered another space after the magic array engulfed him.

Inside, it was extremely hot. The parched earth was full of cracks, like the wrinkles on the face of a ninety-year-old woman. Zen looked around and saw several fire pits surrounding him.

Not far away, Mack was floating in the sky, smiling hideously.

"Zen, I love seeing my enemies suffer more than anything else. Seeing your face burn will cheer me. Your skin will feel scorched, and your face will be a mess. Your pain will excite me the most. Ha-ha! Now, I'm gonna burn every part of your body, and soon, you'll beg for mercy." Lights flickered on the magic array tablet. Then, the fire pits surrounding Zen were refueled, and a burning smell filled the air.

"Are these illusions? Is Mack an illusion?" Zen stood quietly and kept a sharp lookout. He wouldn't act till he figured out how this magic killing array worked.


Flames erupted from the countless fire pits and flew into the sky. Then, dozens of stone men crawled from the fire pits.

The stone men were burning red, and flames could be seen extending behind their backs as if they were red cloaks that stretched into the sky.

The stone men stood and then ran toward Zen. As the air became hotter, Zen felt as though his face was being scorched.

"The force of this Heaven-Fire killing array is formidable! I intended to advance from the group competitions while hiding my real strength and only using my body as my weapon. However, disciples of Cloud Sect are much stronger than regular warriors from the outer world."

Ordinary warriors who had reached the pinnacle of the nature level stood no chance to defeat him. However, Mack did impose a significant threat to Zen. Apparently, Zen made a mistake by under-estimating disciples from Cloud Sect. They weren't like the weak

men. That's quite impressive. Even practitioners at the Illuminating Soul Realm can't do that. But it is a joke that you're so confident and that you believe you can beat me," Mack said to Zen and smiled coldly, as he floated in the sky.

The fire crackled on the ground. A long time passed before the fire finally died out.

The magic killing array could create illusions and use them to kill people inside. While people trapped in the array could get hurt, it wasn't their body that got damaged, but their spirit.

If Zen were burned to death inside the magic killing array, his soul could be severely wounded, and he would become an idiot.

"Burn, burn! After you know nothing and remember nothing, I'll take you out of this killing array. Then, I'll teach you how to behave yourself. Ha-ha!" He smiled. Mack could imagine the tremendous pain being inflicted on Zen. He imagined Zen was burning alive, and begging for mercy desperately. He would be like a fish thrown into a frying pan, and only death awaited him.

When the fire finally died out, a figure appeared. His body emitted a golden light, like a God. He looked intimidating.

Mack didn't expect this. His pupils dilated as if he had seen a ghost.

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