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   Chapter 375 Heaven-Fire Killing Array (Part One)

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Mack seemed unconcerned, but nothing escaped his attention. He deliberately pretended to curse and mock Zen as he thought little of him.

However, he tried to remember every small detail of every potential opponent in the arena.

Mack used his unique methods to estimate everybody, including Rocher Hua from Skytop Peak, Vittoria Zhu from Lady Peak, and even Stark Xia from his own peak.

Mack had seen Zen's strength, his speed and his impenetrable defense.

Despite of his feigned composure, Mack remained vigilant. Now that he was confronting Zen, he chose to use his Star-Shifting Flag first.

The Star-shifting Flag was considered to be one of the best spiritual weapons, not for the horrible damage that it could cause, but for the revolving magic array and the enchanted rune barrier inset on the flag.

Anybody who dared to come close to the Star-shifting Flag would find himself spinning uncontrollably. The spinning wouldn't stop until the enchanted barrier was broken or the Star-shifting Flag was destroyed.

However, shattering the Star-shifting Flag was extremely difficult.

Even the warriors who reached the Illuminating Soul Realm found it challenging and time-consuming to break the enchanted rune barrier.

But, none of those warriors was like Zen. He hit the enchanted barrier with his fist, and it broke. It seemed impossible. But it was true! The barrier couldn't be broken by regular strength. But, Zen succeeded with brute force.

Mack was confused.

He had no idea that the Emerald Crystal on Zen's left arm was the bane of the enchanted barrier. Even the barrier created by warriors who had already entered the late stages of the Illuminating Soul Realm could be easily restrained by the power of the Emerald Crystal. The enchanted barrier on the Star-shifting Flag couldn't endanger Zen.

The enchanted barrier was produced by inscribing runes on it.

rray after he had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm. In that regard, Mack was more talented than him.

On the other side, the force of the Heaven-Fire killing array was terrifying.

"The force of Heaven-Fire is stored in this killing array. I intended to use it when I battle with those personal disciples. However, I have to use it here and now, because you destroyed my Star-shifting Flag. Believe me, you'll regret your foolishness soon," laughed Mack wildly. He pulled out a magic array tablet from his robe and fiddled with it with his fingers. Then, lights of life vitality were connected with the array flags through the tablet.

Zen, surrounded by the Heaven-Fire killing array, felt as though the sky and the earth were spinning. Soon, he was engulfed by complete darkness.

This killing array separated people inside from the outer world. The audience had no idea what was happening inside.

Zen had witnessed the workings of a magic array many times. The illusions were created by the array flags to confuse an enemy.

Cloud Sect's Bloody Mountain and all other mysterious places used by warriors to practice their martial arts, had been using magic arrays. However, none of those magic arrays were as good as the fairyland in the fairy palace.

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