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   Chapter 374 Breaking Your Enchanted Barrier (Part Two)

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Why another Drizzle Peak disciple? I seem to be destined to take on the whole of Drizzle Peak today." At the sight of Zen, Mack faked an innocent smile. Beneath the harmless expression lay his brutal, unconcealable nature.

"Yeah, it's sort of destined," Zen responded coolly. Although the disciple did not show much emotion when he witnessed Yehudi being tormented by Mack, in truth, a strong impulse took hold of him—to rush to the center of the arena and smash Mack to pieces. Still, this was the All Peaks Competition. With several saints, elders, and even head of the sect present, Zen couldn't dare to charge and attack Mack as he wanted to, no matter how confident he was about his explosive force.

Licking his lips maliciously, Mack asked, "That guy named Yehudi…he's the best in Drizzle Peak, isn't he?

Did you see how he ended up? If you're scared, don't worry, you can admit your defeat right now!"

As he taunted Zen, Mack pointed at the referee to the side of the battle ground with an genuine smile on his face.

No one could deny that Mack seemed like a sanguine boy. His tanned skin and strong build made him look very healthy and full of vitality. However, his style of fighting entirely contrasted his image.

"Admit my defeat?" With a drastic arch of his brows, Zen strolled up to Mack, cracking his knuckles. "I sure want to see what on earth you can do to make me admit my defeat."

Zen's body was nearly as hard and strong as a medium-grade spiritual weapon, so the periosteum in his knuckles was also peerlessly firm and tenacious—a loud crack could be heard from every flex of his knuckle.




The cracks reverberated across the arena like thunderclaps.

Although the other eight pairs already started battling and their weapons crashed and clattered against each other, still, their crashing sounds, shouts, and barks were all drowned out by the cracking of Zen's knuckles.

Many disciples darted curious looks at Zen, hardly able to imagine that a man could cause such loud, thundering sounds as he flexed his knuckles.

"That's nothing i


Under the immense impact of Zen's punch, jets of emerald green emerged below the flag—there was an enchanted barrier attached to the flag, keeping it protected.

"By the way, this magic array flag of mine is a top-grade spiritual weapon, called Star-shifting Flag. How could you possibly damage it?" Mack yelled smugly.

Now, he had bought himself plenty of time to lay out a large-sized magic array to handle Zen. His smirk was replaced with a languid expression as he took out another flag in no hurry, ready to build a new magic array.

"You said I can't damage it?"

With a sneer, Zen landed a ruthless blow on the Star-shifting Flag.


Zen's left hand slammed hard into the flag. Apart from the pure force, he added a bit of energy from the Emerald Crystal in it.

The enchanted barrier of such little magnitude was nothing to Zen. Compared to the enchanted barrier of Yolande, this one was a far cry from it.

With that in mind, Zen believed that only a tiny amount of the Emerald Crystal energy would be enough.

In almost no time, red cracks began sprawling across the flag and its enchanted barrier collapsed in an instant.


Across the arena, Mack still had several flags in his hands that had not yet been arranged in the proper positions. At the astonishing scene, Mack's eyes went so wide as if they could fall out of his eye sockets at any moment.

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