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   Chapter 373 Breaking Your Enchanted Barrier (Part One)

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Even though he had exerted himself to the extreme, Zen was still out of his reach. Since the competition started, Zen had been combating only by the dint of his body and speed—he had not yet even exercised a single bit of his life vitality.

'Is this guy really at the grade two of nature level?'

'He must be a monster…'

Seeing Zen strutting towards him with a smile not quite reaching his eyes and a chilling gaze, as if he was staring at a dead man, York felt a shudder run up his spine. In haste, he yelled at the referee, "I…I give up!

I, York of Sea Peak, give up!"

Void of any expression, the referee announced the result of the combat. "Zen won, York lost!"

As the combat came to a conclusion, the light curtain of the enchanted barrier retreated sideways. Clutching at his chest, York blundered all the way off the arena as though there was a devil on his tail.

"Zen, you're awesome!"

"That's right! You have to be harsh to guys who eat their own words!"

The turnout of the combat left the disciples of Drizzle Peak pumped up. Meanwhile, those from Sea Peak were left quiet and ashen-faced.

This time, Sea Peak not only lost the match but also their reputation. 'If York defeated Zen, we would still have a chance to turn the situation around. In the world of martial arts practitioners, the winners are considered heroes. If Sea Park won, we would be victorious. So what if one guy broke his word? Will you Drizzle Peak disciples complain like a whining housewife?' thought the members of Sea Peak in their hearts.

Believing that they would win, many of the Sea Peak disciples were ready to make a counterattack against the potential accusation of they breaking their words with their snide remarks.

However, York lost to Zen. That was way beyond anyone's expectations.

It was utterly unimaginable for the disciples of Sea Peak. Even as they watched the battle unfold, they could not understand why York fell so weak that he could barely strike a threatening attack, even as he went above and beyond the three moves that he promised he would use to d

e, he still had a chance to enter the next round. However, after being mauled in such a way, even if some mystical medicine could work its magic and heal Yehudi, it was impossible for him to take on another battle within such a short time.

It was no wonder that everyone from Drizzle Peak hated Mack.

"Zen, pay attention to Mack's magic array. The array that bastard sets up could be wicked," Yehudi reminded Zen before he went up to the stage. After having fought him previously, Mack's magic array still made Yehudi's heartbeat stutter with fear.

With a nod, Zen agreed. "Got it. I'll be more careful."

In addition, Master Wen advised, "If you find yourself no match for him, just throw in the towel. No need to force yourself to persist to the very end. This guy is a real monster inside."

Given that Zen had gained two consecutive victories already and was almost guaranteed an opportunity to make it to the next round, Master Wen didn't want Zen to push himself too much and he hoped his advice would keep Zen safe and sound until the next battle.

Though Zen nodded, he did not take the advice seriously. When it came to participating in such combat-based competitions, more often than not, the contestants were merely fighting for their esteem. Now that Zen had entered the All Peaks Competition, he was determined to win.

With fiery eyes, Zen stepped into the arena.

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