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   Chapter 372 One Move

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Among York's sword skills, Mad-monster Hacking was his most powerful move.

The refinement technique he practiced had some attributes of wind, since his martial arts emphasized being quick, hard and violent.

As he wielded his machete in preparation to hack Zen, whirlpools appeared before his black-blue antique machete. A sharp coldness could be felt from the consequently formed spinning currents.

The intents of blade, sword, and spear

were extremely difficult to grasp.

For even just coming to understand a bit of blade intent, York was already an amazing warrior. No matter what martial arts move he used, the blade intent greatly multiplied its power.

The only problem was that York was incapable of covering the whole machete with the blade intent, so he could only apply a little blade intent to the revolving aura on the blade before trying to hack Zen.

Given the situation, York actually felt that his use of the blade intent was enough to beat or even kill the man.

"How can you resist this?" murmured York with narrowed eyes.

A cold smile appeared on his face as he rushed towards Zen with the Mad-monster Hacking technique.

As his opponent dashed towards him, Zen squinted at the machete in the other's hands.

He could feel the blade intent flowing through the black-blue antique machete.

Be that as it might, the blade intent wasn't enough to hurt or even threaten Zen.

It hadn't been long since Zen started to feel and create the sword intent himself--he was already capable of using the intent at will. It would cover more than three square meters surrounding his body and if anybody attempted to enter his circle of defense, he could easily snap his fingers and they would be torn to pieces.

The blade intent, which York was so proud of, was nothing to Zen.

Before York's hacking technique could even reach Zen's body, Zen's eyes began to glow. His sword intent suddenly formed and immediately smashed York's blade intent to bits.

Because the real strength and power of Mad-monster Hacking lay in the blade intent, once it was destroyed, he was basically harmless to Zen.

"What the fuck?"

Zen's counterattack left York shocked and paralyzed.

The blade intent which he had taken a great amount of his effort and time in mastering disappeared in the blink of an eye.


The blade intent was formless and his understanding of its nature was profound and unforgettable.

It was indestructible unless Zen had created his own intent, be it sword intent, spear intent or others.

'Has he come to understand some kind of intent on his own?' Doubts began filling York's mind.

The lack of refinement in his attack made York let his guard down. Zen's counterattack was so swift and he withdrew it even more quickly, leaving York clueless as to why his blade intent disappeared.

Due to the doubts in his heart, his Mad-Monster Hacking technique began to sway unsteadily.

A capable warrior should have a strong heart and mind no matter what was thrown in his path. If he was swayed and began to doubt himself, he would find himself losing the fight.

Anyhow, Zen was already certain th


Someone who can easily go back on his word?"

As he avoided York's attack, Zen derided the other's inconsistent words.

"Shut up!"

Not able to stand Zen's accusations any longer, he concentrated on striking him down.

"Your fourth, fifth, sixth move…"

While warding off York's hacking, Zen counted each of his moves.

It was beyond York to predict how fast Zen moved and responded to his attacks. Exhausted from all his attacking, York had to try his best. Still, Zen remained untouchable, making it clear who was the more agile and cleverer one between the two. What was worse, whenever York made a move, Zen never failed to counter it and mock him like a joke.

"Your eightieth move…

Your one-hundredth move. Such a loser you are, York. You've made a hundred moves and still couldn't touch me."

Zen's laughs and mockery were relentless.

"Go fuck yourself." York's heart was filled with nothing but flames of rage, driving him to use the Mad-Monster Hacking technique once again.

"You made your move a hundred times, but failed to attack in every single one. Let me tell you the truth, York. I can defeat you in a single move." After rambling on with his taunts, the smile on Zen's face disappeared. In a single blow, he bent forward and punched York's chest before his hacking could do any harm.

Before that moment, it turned out that he was still hiding his trump card. Zen's move was so quick that the whole audience was stunned frozen by his tremendous speed and explosive power.


With a powerful strike, York flew into the air and hit the enchanted barrier above the arena.

The entire area was divided with enchanted barriers into nine parts to avoid chances of the participants getting disturbed or influenced by the other contestants.

Luckily for York, the enchanted barrier was built soft and protective. Otherwise, his bones would have been shattered to pieces as his body slammed against it.

Still, the blow was absolutely crushing.

Several of his ribs were broken, and all he could do was lie on the barrier, shocked and terrified into silence.

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