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   Chapter 371 Mad-monster Hacking

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"Hah, the Drizzle Peak disciples have been knocked out so soon! Thought they wouldn't have a chance to fight against us before getting eliminated. Their rotten luck! York, it's your turn now," Master Wang sneered.

York walked out from behind his master and stretched out to warm himself up. Keeping a fixed eye on Zen, he remarked to Master Wang, "Three moves. The boy will be beaten by me under three moves."

To York, Zen's strength of grade-two nature level was not even worth considering. It could never hold up to his own power. Zen had employed his stupendous innate strength moments ago, but how would that fare against York? No matter how much strength he had, his life vitality couldn't outmatch York's power and speed. 'Zen would be rash to try, ' York told himself conceitedly.

Overhearing the conversation between Master Wang and York, Master Wen rubbed his long face. He wanted to refute the claim but didn't know how to.

Previously, he had been somewhat confident about Zen and Yehudi, but the latter was defeated in the first round and had gotten himself injured. He couldn't join the next round, which frustrated Master Wen. The master could do nothing but endure York's taunt with some contempt.

This was how the warriors' world operated. Strength was respected, and the weak only had one of two roads to choose from: to endure or to die. Fortunately, this was Cloud Sect. In the world outside, the weak didn't have a chance to even endure.

"Three moves?" Zen raised his brows at that. His demeanor exuded tranquility, like he was impervious to all desires and passions.

But that didn't mean Zen would tolerate this. There were many powerful men in the world who deserved his tolerance, such as the head of the Cloud Sect, Kenneth, who was currently sitting on the platform. But York wouldn't be one of them. Even if York was truly capable, he wasn't good enough to alarm Zen.

"Yes. Three moves would be enough for me to beat you. If there is no accident, I would only need two." York laughed with disdain.

"If you can't beat me in three moves, would you admit your defeat?" Zen asked him with a smile.

York snorted. "I know you are trying to provoke me. You want me to admit my loss if you counter my three moves? Fine. I concede. Three moves. If I can't beat you, I will admit my defeat!"

"All right! York, you are the number one inner disciple at Sea Peak. Remember, you are powerful enough to dominate anyone," Master Wang said to him. He wasn't worried about York's impulsive declaration, for he had evaluated York's strength to be close to the late stage of consummation. It would be easy for him to defeat a young disciple only at grade two of the nature level. As per his calculations, York could end the fight against Zen in one mere move, let alone three.

Zen curled his lip, not saying another word as he strode to the competition field.

The disciples of this round arrived one after the other. Soon, Zen was on the opposite side of York.


ame face-to-face with York's cutter shadows, he was able to stand his ground and would even allow them to cut him without injury.

But it could get too chaotic if Zen did that, so he chose to break York's cutter shadows with his fist instead.

"You've used up your two moves. This is your last chance," Zen said with a smile.

The power in his fists was obvious. The spectators present in the arena kept this attribute in mind.

The innate superhuman strength Zen had just shown did not particularly grab eye-balls. However, being able to break the cutter shadows to pieces with his fist alone attracted their attention. Most of the people who made a note of his power were the masters of the different peaks. If any disciples from their own peaks competed with Zen in the next set of rounds, they could inform them to be heedful of the impregnable fists.

"Bravo, Zen!" Master Wen, who was watching the competition from the sidelines, suddenly cheered. He could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

From the moment he led the disciples from Drizzle Peak to this contest, he had been suffering. Now, he could finally hold his head high. At the same time, he didn't forget to remind Zen to be careful. "The third move is still left!

Zen, watch out!"

"Come on, Zen! Defeat York!"

"He is a coward! If he can't defeat you with the last move, he will lose!"

The disciples from Drizzle Peak kicked up a fuss at the opportunity.

Master Wang from Sea Peak wore a straight, gloomy face. He couldn't figure out how Zen had refined his fists, but after realizing the power in them, he knew that York would find it difficult to cope with Zen.

York narrowed his eyes. Earlier, he had looked down upon Zen and his abilities, but he wasn't anxious or impetuous by nature. As a swordsman, he could easily brush aside any negative emotions.

After some while, York raised his black-blue antique machete slowly as the decisive words flew out of his mouth.

"Mad-monster Hacking! Break it!"

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