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   Chapter 370 Rocher (Part Two)

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While they were talking, eighteen warriors came into the arena to compete. But in this round, there was no disciple from the Drizzle Peak.

Suddenly, all the spectators started cheering loudly as they saw a person step into the arena.

The man they were encouraging was clad in a white robe. It was not the kind of white robe the outer disciples usually wore. It was made of silk and the man had a noble aura, carrying a Cyan-blade Sword on his back.

"It's Rocher from the Skytop Peak!" People were surprised to see him so early. With his powers, they had expected him to show up much later in the competition.

"No matter how strong Rocher is, he is not a personal disciple. He still needs to start from the earlier stages of competition."

"Just keep watching. We'll benefit from watching the fight between those strong contestants. It's also a good way to improve ourselves as we can learn a lot about martial art skills from them."

The appearance of Rocher Hua had given rise to much discussion.

"Rocher..." Zen shook his head. He knew nothing about this man. It looked like this man was very famous in the Cloud Sect. But whatever his fame or popularity, Zen had never heard of him. He was thinking that if he didn't know about this man, it would imply that he was ignorant.

When it came to the master hands in the Skytop Peak, Zen only knew Lenard Zhu. The real strength of the Skytop Peak could never be underestimated. Lenard was not the top disciple of the Skytop Peak, but he had the kind of strength which had enabled him to confront a demon general. Rocher Hua, on the other hand, whilst standing in the arena, had a commanding manner in his every movement, which put Zen on high alert.

However, there was no visible reaction on Zen's face, seeing which, Master Wen explained to him, "Rocher is from a humble origin. But he has special talents, which have rarely been seen for the past five centuries or so. He has reached the consummation of nature level at the age of eighteen. Furthermore, he grasps the sword intent more deeply than anyone else, and once, successfully broke a record which had been set by a master from the Illuminating Soul Realm. If you encounter him in the arena, you'd better give up."

As Yehudi had been defeated rather badly, Master Wen was greatly discouraged. From his point of view, all his hopes were pinned on Zen but the cha

oud applause.

While his excellence compared to all the other disciples of the Cloud Sect was yet to be decided, one thing was for sure; Rocher was undoubtedly the most popular disciple in the Cloud Sect.

The popularity was largely attributed to his humble origins. From an anonymous boy to a powerful man who reached such a high level that he had broken the record set by a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm, his story was legend everywhere and contributed to his fame deeply.

The competition continued in the arena.

The group fights were supposed to eliminate three-fourths of the disciples. Every disciple had to fight at least two or three rounds. This was a long and tiring process.

Later, another three disciples of the Drizzle Peak entered the arena to contest in the rounds. But it seemed that their overall performance was not so encouraging. Except for Zen who won in the second round, all the other disciples ended in failure.

When it came to the eighth round, it was Zen's turn to fight again.

"Zen of the Drizzle Peak Vs. York of the Sea Peak!"

The judge's voice came loud and clear. Master Wang from the Sea Peak suddenly laughed upon hearing this while Master Wen's face darkened.

York was in the good graces of Master Wang. Master Wen obviously sensed that York was a seeded player of the Sea Peak and his strength should not be underestimated. The Sea Peak had stayed silent in the past few years. They were actually accumulating their strength and lying in wait to surprise everyone in the All Peaks Competition.

Zen Vs. York. God bless Zen!

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