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   Chapter 367 Anger (Part One)

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Producing magic arrays required the use of array flags.

A magic array master mainly employed magic arrays during battles. However, they could not produce one during the fights. Instead, they prepared it in array flags ahead of time. In that way, when they needed to make one quickly during the fight, all they had to do was to set these array flags in particular places.

The most efficient way to battle with a magic array master was to prevent him from creating a magic array. Because as soon as the master had successfully made a magic array, he was at an advantage during the fight, and it would be hard to defeat him since an ordinary magic array and a magic killing array were very powerful.

Yehudi's spear did not stab his opponent, Mack. Unfazed, he stabbed at the black array flag on the ground.

The black flag appeared to notice Yehudi's motion, and so it released a burst of black fog. The fog rushed at Yehudi rapidly as it tried to cover him.

The black fog was one of Mack's attack moves through his soul.

To be precise, Mack did not use the black array flag to make a magic array. The black array flag was much like a defense move. When Yehudi had focused his attention on the black flag and then tried to attack it, it would release black fog to trap him.

Warriors did not generally allow their opponent to create a magic array in battles. However, the magic array master could use all kinds of methods to fight, and Mack caught Yehudi due to a careless move of Yehudi.

'Do you really think you can destroy my magic array flag? Dream on!'

A cold smile appeared on Mack's face. Soon, he took out other array flags in different colors and put them in different places.

At the time, Yehudi was already struggling against the first array flag. As that was the case, the addition of these other array flags did not sound good to him.

When Yehudi heard the whooshing sounds, he could not help but frown.

As Mack laid out six array flags this time around, he formed a hexagon with Yehudi in

at Yehudi himself had an incomparable sensibility and he could notice the killing intent from Mack.

These images might have been the same as his own true body, including the killing intent of him. However, Mack was not strong enough to make his magic array do that, and hence, Yehudi could find him from so many illusory images instinctually.

"I never expected you to have such a great sensibility. It is a mistake to look down on you the last time. Now that's it!

Let's see how you can get out of this!" Mack said, gritting his teeth. He took out a thin and long crystal and pressed it to the magic array controlling plate. Soon after the crystal was embedded in, seething energy emerged from the plate.

The plate could control the magic array. When Mack had put an extra crystal into it, the magic array's power increased.

Unlike earlier, Yehudi was not calm anymore. Standing in the magic array, he seemed to have seen something terrifying and continuously struck with his spear while simultaneously feeling perplexed by it.

Again, Mack held his black and red stick and snuck behind Yehudi with a stiff smile. While the latter pierced his spear in another direction, Mack waved his stick to knock Yehudi on his left shoulder with a strong force.

"Stick Skill With Heavenly Strength!" he shouted while using his most powerful motion.

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