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   Chapter 366 The Array Flag

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After a long period of failed attacks, Langdon finally turned from the offensive to defensive, forming a thick shield by congealing layers of armor on his skin.

"Ha! My Earthen Armour can stand against the full strength of an Illuminating Soul Realm master's strike. You're mighty strong, but what can you do to me now?" he sneered. "No one can break my armor without the help of life vitality."

Originally, Langdon had no intentions to use this tactic. Talents emerged in large numbers during the All Peaks Competition, so many means had to be used at critical times in order to reverse the situation. If he didn't use it this time, he would definitely lose the competition.

As Zen's first opponent in the competition, Langdon wasn't very strong. Still, Zen was impressed that he had mastered so many techniques.

"Can you really withstand a full strength blow from an Illuminating Soul Realm master?"

Glancing at Langdon's Earthen Armour, a small smile played on Zen's lips. "In that case, let me try. Let's test the limits of my strength," he taunted.

"Crushing fist!"

In a sudden move, Zen slipped sideways and his strength rose as he mobilized half of the dragon scales' strength.

His corporeal body was much stronger than that of ordinary people, not to mention when it was combined with the strength of dragon scales. Half of the dragon scales' strength was able to increase Zen's corporeal body power by the dozens.


The sound that came from Zen's fist punching Langdon's Earthen Armor was as though he had hit on earth ground. Langdon's earthen life vitality was supposed to be good for defense. His Earthen Armour was supposed to imitate the characteristics of the land that could bear the weight of anything. As it received an impact, it could instantly spread the offensive force throughout the entire armor, thereby weakening the opponent's striking power.

Thud, thud!

Upon being hit by Zen's fist, Langdon had to take two steps back, his face flushing red. Having assumed that Zen's strength had already reached its limit was a wrong move on Langdon's part. Under Zen's mighty force, the life vitality rolled over in Langdon's body and vented strong power, making it difficult for him to stand and he felt his Earthen Armour about to collapse.

"How can this be possible?" Because Langdon was born a strong man, he knew how difficult it was to increase one's strength even by a fraction when in limit condition. 'How come Zen's power increased so much in an instant?

Wasn't that already the limit of his strength? Or is he infinitely powerful…and he wasn't exerting much strength before?' Langdon was left puzzled.

Not missing a beat, Zen mobilized half of the dragon scales' strength and punched Langdon's Earthen Armour once again.


With a heavy clunk, cracks started to form on the thick armor, as if it could shatter into pieces at any moment.

Langdon's face turned sickly flushed and after holding it in for a while, Langdon couldn't help but spurt out a mouthful of blood.

At this point, he realized he didn't have to go on.

Seeing Zen raising his fist, ready to dash over again, Langdon raised his arms and hurriedly shouted, "Referee, referee, I surrender!"

"Zen won, Langdon lost!"

The referee pronounced the competition results with a straight face.

Since Langdon conceded his defeat, Zen stop

and diligent.

If Mack finished deploying the battle array, his combat effectiveness would be greatly enhanced, which would inevitably affect Yehudi.

Given this, Yehudi decided to take action as soon as Mack showed the array flag. A white spear appeared in Yehudi's hands instantly.

With that, Yehudi jabbed at Mack with his spear rapidly.

"Eh, can he use a spear?" Master Wen asked.

Never having seen Yehudi use a spear before, he was puzzled.

The disciples of Drizzle Peak looked questioningly at one another.

In their memory, Yehudi had never used weapons before as he accepted many challenges from inner disciples at Drizzle Peak. In his fights, he had always used boxing.

As soon as he began the competition, though, he brought out his weapon. His white spear was not of low quality, but a middle-grade spiritual weapon.

"Ha! It would seem that Yehudi has been keeping us in the dark," laughed Master Wen. It was clear that Yehudi hid his skill with the spear in order to use it in the All Peaks Competition. In the Art of War, it was said that "knowing oneself and one's enemy ensures invincibility." Conversely, the less the enemy knew about you, the greater your chances of success were.

However, another master of Drizzle Peak shook his head and told Master Wen, "Don't celebrate too soon. Yehudi is using his spear in the beginning, which shows that he's afraid of Mack's magic array. Otherwise, he would have left the spear to use in the following combat."

"You're right. But the competition has just begun. The outcome depends on Yehudi's performance," returned Master Wen.

In the battlefield, Yehudi's spear pierced the air. As it turned out, Mack was not only good at magic array, but also had good reflexes and he dodged Yehudi's spear like a fish comfortably swimming amongst rocks.

Failing to make any strike, Yehudi didn't follow Mack's figure any longer, knowing that the most dangerous thing wasn't Mack himself, but his array flag. Once the magic array was deployed, his chances of success would be greatly reduced.

Knowing this, Yehudi turned to stab the array flag down to the ground, wanting to destroy it.

When he stabbed at the flag with his spear, though, his expression suddenly changed.

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