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   Chapter 361 Meditation On The Stars (Part Two)

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Through his meditation the last time, he had already been able to condensate a small number of stars from his demonic life vitality.

When those stars exploded, they would release overwhelming energy.

However, the power of the stars was definitely more than that. It made Zen feel obliged to learn the mystery behind the Sun Moon Stars Picture a little each day.

Since he had already come in, Zen sat down with crossed legs and began to contemplate the bright stars in the distance.

'What a magical picture the Sun Moon Stars Picture is! How could the master who drew it construct the vast universe with only a picture?' he could not help but exclaim to himself.

Then, he began to sit still for meditation, eyes gleaming.

Suddenly, with horrible and overwhelming energy, a star rushed towards Zen over from a mysterious distance.

'Is it going to hit me?' he wondered and planned to dodge the star.

However, since it was his consciousness that had entered the picture, and not physically himself, he was unable to evade at all.


In the blink of an eye, the star darted past him and knocked another star in the distance. As the star was so big, it looked as though it was going to strike him when, in fact, it was still far away from him.

These two stars collided and exploded. The overwhelming energy they released increased even more than tenfold!

The light emerging from the overwhelming energy formed a gigantic ring, brilliant but loaded with the breath of death.

'Stars collision?'

The only way Zen had triggered the explosion of the stars before was with his life vitality.

The overwhelming energy released from stars collision was more powerful than the one he had seen before. At the moment, he seemed to be in the midst of spiritual enlightenment.


f each peak, Master Wang must have received the name list of all the participants for the All Peaks Competition in advance. So, it was clear he had only asked Master Wen to embarrass Drizzle Peak deliberately.

Likewise, the disciples behind Master Wang also measured up Drizzle Peak's disciples with mocking stares.

Snorting, Master Wen retorted, "What do you mean by 'just them'? Although Drizzle Peak only has seven disciples, each of them has their unique skills!

You think you'll do better than us merely because you have more disciples? Think again, Master Wang.

I highly doubt that matters!"

Master Wang looked at Zen and the rest of Drizzle Peak's disciples, and said in derision, "Unique skills? Are you serious?" he questioned, laughing loudly as he did so. "It seems you don't have many powerful disciples at all! Otherwise, why did you even bring someone at the second grade of nature level?"

The skinny old man continued to laugh in their faces.

As Zen had been walking in the middle of the team, nobody had noticed his cultivation level in the beginning. Now that Master Wang had pointed it out, however, he immediately became the focus of discussion --- and everyone's attention.

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