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   Chapter 357 The Demonic Phantom (Part One)

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After the constant practicing of Zen, the demonic life vitality became darker as the purple color mixed in it gradually faded away. The tiny starlight embedded in it became more lustrous and brilliant.

Inside Zen's body, there were six streaks of life vitality flowing out. Under his control, this life vitality would form a silhouette of Zen, but a smaller version. This was the form of the demonic phantom.

Zen glued his eyes on the phantoms, pointed his fingers at them and uttered lightly, "Rise up!"

In an instant, the six demonic phantoms started flying in the room. As the demonic phantom itself originated from life vitality, it was weightless. Thus, it could fly briskly and fast. Moreover, the six of them flying around would make the best defense from enemy attack.

With Zen's current strength, he could only summon up to six demonic phantoms. However, according to the records from "Heavenly Ogre Fist", with much practice, those with strong psychic force could summon up hundreds of demonic phantoms.

Each demonic phantom could absorb the enemy's life vitality to strengthen its own–a special attribute of demonic life vitality. Once the demonic phantoms matured, their powers would be more terrifying.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…"

"Bang…." Something was flying crazily and crashing onto something. It just happened with a blink of an eye.

It was one of Zen's demonic phantoms. Due to Zen's relatively weak power, it slipped out of his control, crashed directly into the wall of his practice room and then penetrated through another two walls of the house, leading to the collapse of the half outer wall of the house.

The inner disciples' houses had a secret practicing room where they could conduct further studies and practice their own uniq

flying knife.

'When did he learn to use a sword?

And how could he have grasped the sword intent if he hadn't used a sword?' Cleve thought to himself.

Cleve had been practicing swordplay for decades, but until now, he couldn't grasp the sword intent at all. Sword intent was something that could not be learned easily. It would just come out naturally and only those with a high power of understanding would be able to figure it out.

'But for just a short period of time, Zen has grasped it?' Cleve asked himself.

Though Cleve found it hard to believe, the faintly discernible strong spiritual aura emitting from Zen was undeniably sword intent.

In front of many onlookers, Cleve couldn't bring himself to ask Zen directly. Anyway, he would find out later once Zen participated in the All Peaks Competition. At the Competition, Zen would inevitably encounter strong enemies that would require him to show his sword intent, if he had already grasped it. But deep down, Cleve could not bear the thought that he might be right about Zen. After all, the sword intent was not easy to acquire, at least for him since he still hadn't got it after many years of hard practice.

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