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   Chapter 355 Ranking First Among The Inner Disciples (Part Two)

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She hadn't expected Zen to demonstrate such extraordinary strength during the test!

Although the phantom warriors at the pinnacle of the nature level in the magic array only had the basic strength of this level and were not as powerful as the real ones, Aura could only deal with 2 or 3 simultaneously. During the test, she remained undefeated. However, she could not kill them. But Zen performed better than her. Not only did he resist the opponents, but he also found opportunities to fight back!

A red dot on the magic array plate disappeared in a few moments.

Every red dot on the magic array plate represented a phantom warrior who had reached the peak of the nature level. The disappearance of one red dot meant that Zen had managed to kill that phantom.

"He can fight back despite being attacked by ten men at the highest grade of the nature level. How does he manage to do that?" Aura and the other masters were wondering whether Zen had managed to elude his enemies by running away with some kind of rare body movement and footwork. But the warriors being killed in the magic array indicated that Zen was not running away. On the contrary, he was fighting back.

There was a huge gap between the inner and outer disciples at Drizzle Peak.

The outer disciples were reserved talents for the inner disciples, and only the ones that qualified could become inner disciples. Even at Drizzle Peak, which ranked last among the 33 Peaks at Cloud Sect, there was an inner disciple who had reached the pinnacle of the nature level.

While in the peaks ranking at the forefront, such as the Skytop Peak, some inner disciples had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm.

But Zen's performance proved that he was a top elite even though he was an outer disciple of Cloud Sect!

An hour later, people outside the magic array noticed that the white fog had begun to disperse. Finally, they could see Zen.

"It's over at last. He is a genius!"

"I want to know how many points he got."

Many outer disciples had been waiting for nearly two hours to see how many po

er disciples!

Once he became an inner disciple, Zen would get more pills and money, and access to a few secret cultivation places that were reserved only for inner disciples. Although these secret cultivation places were not as good as the Lake of the Magical Fish and the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, disciples would not need to spend points when using these places. This made it an excellent alternative for inner disciples who came from ordinary families. Even some disciples from noble clans would choose to practice in these secret cultivation places, because not every gentry child could get the full support of their family.

The inner disciples lived on the top of Drizzle Peak, which was also the highest point of Drizzle Peak.

So, after passing the test, Zen was assigned a new house. He packed his luggage, put it into his space ring, and moved into his new accommodation.

As he climbed from the hillside to the top of the peak, he met many inner disciples dressed in black robes, all of whom cast curious glances at him.

In general, compared with the newcomers, the inner disciples who had entered the Inner Door earlier had strong psychological advantages. They looked down at the newcomers—like an experienced person looking at a green hand.

After all, the new inner disciples couldn't match them in terms of strength.

Zen, however, was an exception!

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