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   Chapter 352 The Fight For A Place In The List (Part One)

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Ben Wang, an inner disciple of the Drizzle Peak in the Cloud Sect, followed other disciples to have a look at the test of the outer disciples.

There was no need for him to worry as he was at the seventh grade of the nature level. He was much stronger than the one at the eighth place among the inner disciples of the Drizzle Peak.

A test like today's was normal among the inner disciples of the Drizzle Peak every day. Even the magic array itself was a regular training place for the inner disciples.

Ben's best performance on the test was a high score of 18 thousand, while the disciple in the eighth place only got 15 thousand. There was a huge gap between them, and Ben thought the latter wouldn't catch up soon.

But recently he heard a rumor that an outer disciple, Zen Luo, would attend the All Peaks Competition representing the Drizzle Peak.

There were only seven disciples that could attend the All Peaks Competition and they had been chosen by their ranks. If Zen Luo would attend the Competition as a disciple of the Drizzle Peak, Ben would lose his qualifications to attend the competition.

Ben hadn't thought of it first because there was no way an outer disciple could be stronger than an inner disciple. But after the practice of killing demons, another inner disciple, Cleve Lin, had confirmed that Zen was extremely strong and that he had beaten demon generals.

Although Cleve was a strong well-ranked inner disciple, he was not as good as those in the top ten. So, what he said could have only been partly true and he was just giving Ben a piece of information.

Despite that, Ben was still anxious and a little scared. That outer disciple had defeated demon generals, which was something he wasn't sure he could do by himself.

From this point, Zen could probably get a place in the top seven to represent the Drizzle Pe

ed to win regardless of anyone who they fought with. If the warrior was narrow-minded, his defeat wouldn't give him the right idea to strengthen himself further. And this would create a huge barrier on his upgrading way and his achievement would be impossible to meet.

"The second one, Xu!"

"The third one..."

A disciple would averagely consume five minutes for the test. Some of them would take longer than ten minutes.

The points of the disciple went higher as the test moved forward.

The 13th disciple so far had the highest score at 3, 100 points.

This meant the thirteenth disciple had the qualification to be an inner disciple. But another requirement would still depend on the remaining twelve outer disciples' performances.

If from the remaining disciples, three got a score of less than three thousand, the 13th disciple could have the opportunity to be an inner disciple. But the chance of that was still very slim.

From the success of the thirteenth disciple, it could be concluded that the level of the Drizzle Peak had improved. This would make the competition even more challenging.

As the 12th, the 11th and the 10th completed their tests, it was announced that they all got more than 3, 000 points.

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