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   Chapter 349 Aura's Thoughts (Part Two)

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Countless powerful practitioners lived in the Cloud Hall. For them, both the Cloud Sect and Burning Sky Empire were merely parts of the land under their governance. Given this, the Burning Sky Empire could only endure the suppression of the Cloud Sect for fear that they might offend the Cloud Hall.

Fortunately, Cloud Sect was based within the Burning Sky Empire, so their conflicts of interest were few. More often than not, they would have to unite with each other. That was the reason the thriving Cloud Sect was still willing to cultivate many Illuminating Soul Realm experts and offer them to Burning Sky Empire as a gift in return.

However, since Kane Su took the throne, the entire situation was altered, for Kane's strength was as strong, or even more formidable than that of the head of Cloud Sect. Moreover, Kane Su had even joined Cloud Hall, making his status somewhat higher than the Cloud Sect head.

Such news was good for the Burning Sky Empire, as they could finally take the initiative on loads of issues, leaving Cloud Sect as more of a vassal. With that, word among the folks was that the Cloud Sect's influence was waning over the recent several decades while the Burning Sky Empire's power was only spiking up.

As a member of Cloud Hall, Aura's father had to facilitate it and assist in its involvement in various affairs.

There was no doubt that Kane was extremely powerful. From Aura's perspective, he was on a mountain so tall that no one else could survive the climb to the top. For all those years of Burning Sky Empire's existence, there was only one Kane Su.

Aura herself was not very strong. Because of her distinguished status as a princess, though, she had learned a great deal about the secrets of history and was well aware that there would always be someone better than herself. Even though Kane might have dominated the Eastern Region for a time, once he stepped out of its

a royal princess, she had no way to control the Cloud Sect and neither did Farrell as the crown prince.

With a lack of other means, Aura tried to find a qualified individual who could help Farrell by protecting and escorting him. Such a person, though, should not be a disciple of any of the noble clans, so she could only select from grassroots, which led her on her path to being a tutor in Drizzle Peak. Considering that Drizzle Peak was ranked last, most disciples were at grassroots level.

Aura was well aware that to place all her hopes on a disciple of Cloud Sect was fool's talk. Throughout history, many grassroots disciples had accomplished astonishing achievements. Still, compared to the disciples of noble clans, they were very few.

Left without other options, Aura just had to try it as a last resort to save the hopeless situation. If one of her disciples could luckily advance by leaps and bounds, or even pass the Cloud Road test and get selected by the Cloud Hall to be admitted as a disciple, there was a chance for the trouble at the royal palace to be sorted out.

Still, the probability of finding someone worthy was way too low, barely better than zero. It was no wonder others thought that going to Drizzle Peak was only a waste of time.

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