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   Chapter 348 Aura's Thoughts (Part One)

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The Seven Star Sword Light Platform was the perfect place to hone one's sword intent.

If a swordsman started practicing the skill at the age of six, he would grasp all the basics by the age of twelve, and become proficient by the age of sixteen. Afterward, if he yearned for further breaking through, he would have to go through life-threatening tests unless he was especially talented.

Nevertheless, a man can only live once. It might be easy to say, but when putting the words into practice, it would mean risking his neck to enhance his skill with the sword. One could only imagine how dangerous it was.

Regardless of whether one was a swordsman, a blade practitioner, or a boxer, all martial arts practitioners had to face such a problem.

Inside the Cloud Sect, however, there were plenty of magic arrays and secret realms to hone one's skills. Any outsider would be dying to own even one of those items, making the Cloud Sect regarded as the shrine of martial arts in the Eastern Region, attracting numerous talented, young practitioners from various counties of the Eastern Region who would squeeze themselves in at all costs.

Still, even for very talented young practitioners, there was no way to improve at the Seven Star Sword Light Platform as fast as Zen did. When he first entered the place, he had two epiphanies and was able to grasp things that many others wouldn't be able to comprehend in a lifetime, and he owed it all to his extraordinary insight and luck.

Even as he nailed the eighth level, he still felt like he hadn't reached his limit. Steward Song also urged him to enter the Seven Star Sword Light Platform and have a try at Level Nine.

Zen's performance was way too stunning. Steward Song was also eager to profit during the process of searching for gifted practitioners. But he was not aware that Steward Cao had done the same thing in the Lake of the Magical Fish.

chambers were empty, with the sheets and quilt on the bed left tidy, as if her father had not lived there for a while.

Since then, Aura had been in doubt, thinking, 'Perhaps my father has already left the Eastern Region.'

Evidently, she was not the only one holding the same doubtful thought. At the palace, there were seven princes, and three princesses having discussed the issue in private. But the truth was tightly protected, out of anyone's reach.

As rumor had it, her father had long since gone out to experience the world without any intentions to return. It was even probable that he already died in some faraway place.

Such a rumor seemed far-fetched, but Aura didn't dare think light of it, as her father was an absolute king of mankind in the Eastern Region, the most gifted and knowledgeable emperor in the field of martial arts the Burning Sky Empire ever had.

In the past, the strength of the head of Cloud Sect always overtook that of the Burning Sky Palace. The Cloud Sect had a say in many matters, giving it the power to even change the fate of the Burning Sky Empire.

It was entirely possible because the Cloud Sect did not only have a head whose strength was overwhelmingly strong but also had a solid backup, the Cloud Hall.

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