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   Chapter 347 Delighted Grin

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'This is definitely not basic swordsmanship! Or this is a kind of basic swordsmanship that has never existed before!' Zen thought furiously. He was so shocked that he could only ascertain a vague idea of how the swordsmanship worked. He knew it was a great opportunity for him to study how unique it was. He needed to make every second count here to observe it closely.

At the moment, the steward of the Seven Star Sword Light Platform left the scene in a hurry to register a new group of disciples and then rushed back. He had to get back to Zen.

Initially, he thought it would not pose a problem with Zen practicing on the platform if no other disciple chose the eighth difficulty level. However, a few of the inner disciples had chosen the same difficulty level just now, and two of them were from the noble clans. So, the steward had no choice left but to bring it to Zen's attention.

If he left Zen on the platform and started the magic array without informing him, Zen, who was still sitting on the ground, was likely to get injured by the Magnetic Aurora flying from any direction. That wasn't what he wanted to see, so he had to alert Zen about it.

After stepping on the platform, the steward walked straight to Zen, but suddenly, when he was just about five meters away from Zen, he saw several sharp variations of energy flying in front of him as if threatening him.

Poof! The sharp bursts of power suddenly flew at the steward.

Fortunately, the steward had reached the nature level and reacted quickly, without hesitation. He moved a few steps back on instinct, but the clothes on his chest were slashed by the powerful strikes.

"It's the sword intent of protection..." the steward murmured, an unpleasant look taking over his face. The attack was undeserved.

Zachary too was astounded by what he just saw. He didn't realize that there was a sword intent of protection guarding Zen while he was in the state of epiphany. "Impossible! How could he get the sword intent of protection in such a short time? He only just started to use the sword, didn't he?" Zachary thought out loud.

"Only just started using the sword? What do you mean?" the steward turned to Zachary, asking him in reply. He didn't dare go up to Zen and shake him out his epiphany now, knowing he was guarded by the sword intent of protection. Standing rooted to the spot, the steward watched Zen from afar.

Zachary pointed at Zen casually and explained, "It seems that Zen is a novice with the sword! He used basic swordsmanship alone to resist the attack of one hundred Magnetic Aurora waves!"

"Basic swordsmanship?" the steward repeated the words in astonishment. He couldn't believe his e

ble of resisting a hundred waves in the eighth difficulty level. Desmond Li, who could resist seventy-three, had already proved his skills. He was curious about how many Zen had resisted. It would tell Desmond Li the exact gap between his capability and that of this outer disciple who had just received the slender sword intent.

"Eh? I withstood a hundred waves," replied Zen in an indifferent manner, after which he straightaway walked down the platform.

"W-what?" Desmond Li stammered, dumbfounded as he stared at Zen's back. He opened and closed his mouth several times, unable to say anything else. The other disciples who stood behind him were much the same.

Zachary felt somewhat delighted when he saw their reactions.

Standing next to them, Steward Song also beamed surreptitiously. At the very least, he was not the only one astonished by Zen's abilities on the platform. As the steward of the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, he knew well that Desmond Li often practiced wielding his sword on the eighth difficulty level. He also knew that Desmond Li was always proud of his achievement of holding out against seventy-three Aurora waves. It was a bit amusing to see the embarrassment on his face at meeting a more powerful opponent.

When Steward Song noticed that Desmond Li was still slack-jawed and in a state of astonishment, he added, "It's true. Zen resisted one hundred waves. As a nature creature, he is the only one who resisted that many at the eighth difficulty level. Besides, he is only into grade-two of the nature level currently."

Desmond Li and the rest of the black-robed disciples stared with wide eyes as they heard what Steward Song said, shocked at his words. With that, Steward Song and Zachary left the platform furtively, hiding their delighted grins.

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