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   Chapter 346 Zen’s Epiphany

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The difficulty of each level on the Seven Star Sword Light Platform was set in consideration for the newcomers in Cloud Sect.

For example, if Zachary wanted to resist 100 shots of Magnetic Aurora with his current strength, he could only make it with the Level 4 difficulty. He would only be able to resist 86 shots of Magnetic Aurora in the Level 5 difficulty. He would be able to resist 57 shots of Magnetic Aurora with Level 6, but just 40 with Level 7. With Level 8 difficulty, on the other hand, he could only resist 21 shots of Magnetic Aurora.

Zachary had the strength at grade 8 of the nature level.

As far as the steward could remember, even the masters who had reached the consummation of the nature level couldn't resist 100 shots of Magnetic Aurora in the Level 8 difficulty. From his records, the one who got the best result resisted only 89 shots of Magnetic Aurora.

As the steward reckoned, it was impossible to resist 100 shots of Magnetic Aurora with the level 8 difficulty if one hadn't entered the Illuminating Soul Realm yet.

And the masters at the Illuminating Soul Realm would generally prefer to cultivate in the Level 9 or even Level 10 difficulty.

"No, it can't be Zen. It may be Zachary, but it's definitely not Zen," the steward murmured. But the problem was, the steward knew about Zachary's strength and that the young man couldn't promote his strength greatly overnight to this level. When he had put his all in it last time, he could resist only 20 shots of Magnetic Aurora. But could he have resisted the 100 shots of Magnetic Aurora today? It felt like a dream to the steward.

After thinking for a while, he suddenly patted his head. The Seven Star Sword Light Platform was not far from here, so why not go and have a look?

So the steward rushed to the Seven Star Sword Light Platform hurriedly.

Whatever was happening in the magic array, he wouldn't be able to see it from outside the Seven Star Sword Light Platform. He could only see the people on the platform.

When he arrived at the platform, he saw Zachary and Zen. The latter was sitting with his legs cro

his brain, there were many figures showing every detail of the basic swordsmanship.

"Chop upwards."


"Circle parry."

"Flick the sword."

"Raise sword..."

The basic swordsmanship was not a massive skill, but it was the purest sword method. After being revised and simplified by many swordsmen, every move was free of flowery and unnecessary action.

But there were many pictures running through Zen's mind, and even the simplest chop was explained in thousands of images. They covered even the slightest details from drawing the sword to chopping.

However, those images started to disappear simultaneously in an instant, and then vanished more and more quickly.

In the blink of an eye, there were only more than ten images left for the "chop".

"This basic swordsmanship..." Zen stared at it. The "chop" in Zen's eyes was still the same as before, but as he looked at it longer, he had a mysterious feeling. He knew it was the basic swordsmanship, but felt like something else.

After being simplified, the swordsmanship seemed to merge all the sword intent between heaven and earth into one movement.

Zen looked at the other basic swordsmanship movements, "flick the sword", "sweep horizontal", "lift up sword"...

Every movement looked ordinary and basic, but each of them hid a great mystery and made people unable to connect them with the common basic swordsmanship.

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