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   Chapter 343 The Magnetic Aurora (Part Two)

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"Follow me!" the black robe disciple said as he held his sword in hand. They approached the two crystal balls. "See the name inside?" he pointed to Zen.

Zen fixed his eyes on the balls and saw that their names were carved inside. One of the crystal balls showed "Zen Luo", while the other crystal ball showed "Zachary Zhao". Zen presumed that Zachary Zhao was the black robe disciple's name.

"This crystal ball belongs to you. The moment the magic array on the Seven Star Sword Light Platform is activated, those polar magic stones will release Magnetic Aurora! The Magnetic Aurora will come in all directions, and you must split them with a sword! The power of Magnetic Aurora increases with difficulties. If you hold a common sword, I'm afraid a Magnetic Aurora will destroy your sword," Zachary Zhao explained patiently. He lightly touched his sword with fingertips. From Zen's perspective, he must have used the sword to deal with Magnetic Aurora many times.

Zen soon realized that the trial on the Seven Star Sword Light Platform was to guard the crystal ball. If the crystal ball was broken, the cultivation would be over. The swordsmen were sharpening their sword intents with the continuous Magnetic Aurora.


Suddenly there was a clap of thunder from the sky.

"It's time to draw your sword! Quickly! Magnetic Aurora will soon come here! Each crystal ball can only bear three attacks and after that, it will be broken. And you will be out of the game. Be careful!" Zachary Zhao reminded.

Zen nodded and then took out his Streamer Sword from the space ring.


came a clear, melodious sound of a sword as he drew his sword.

This was the moment that Zachary Zhao was waiting for. He wanted to see what kind of sword Zen would pull out.

When Zachary Zhao looked at the Streamer Sword in Zen's hand, he was totally surprised.

From the appearance, Zen's Streamer Sword was not as powerful as Zachary Zhao's Candle Dragon. Its shape was just like an ordinar

sword intent had improved into a higher level and became faster. This time, he could stay on the eighth level for another half an hour.

After solving the Magnetic Aurora on his side, Zachary Zhao turned to Zen. He was eager to see how Zen could exert the power of that fairy weapon.

Zen hadn't moved and didn't even say a word as he waited for the Magnetic Aurora to approach. After it was close enough, he suddenly moved, and his Streamer Sword cut through the Magnetic Aurora. Still, it was a simple chop.

"A simple chop?" murmured Zachary Zhao with an awkward expression on his face.

As a swordsman, he was very familiar with the basic swordsmanship. 'Didn't Zen practice other swordsmanship? Does he only know the basic swordsmanship? Performing the basic swordsmanship with a fairy weapon?

Oh my god...' Zachary Zhao was confused. He felt a little crazy at that time.


Because of this simple chopping, a half-moon-shaped silver light was formed instantly. It was dazzling. Along the direction of Zen's sword, the sword radiance cut through the Magnetic Aurora.

Unlike Zachary Zhao's dragon-shaped sword energy, Zen's sword radiance didn't make a sound when it staggered the Magnetic Aurora. The sword radiance cut through the thick Magnetic Aurora and then the Magnetic Aurora disappeared without a trace.

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