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   Chapter 341 The Seven Star Sword Light Platform (Part Two)

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If someone came in with a saber, they would not be allowed to enter the premise.

As Zen drew closer to the crowd, he soon realized that there were two queues in front of him, one with many people while the other had much fewer people in comparison. He slightly knitted his eyebrows and wondered, 'Why two queues? Maybe it has the same rule as the entrance exam that those who got the written certificates of the noble clans would be offered privileges of waiting in the smaller queue?'

In the long queue, a rough estimation was that there were over hundreds of people, and they still needed to wait until the disciples practising in the Seven Star Sword Light Platform got out. Anyone who got a glimpse of the situation would know a long time waiting was inevitable. What was more, as the time for the launch of All Peaks Competition was getting closer, almost all Cloud Sect disciples were working hard for it. Therefore, the disciples outside would have to wait much longer than they usually did.

What Zen didn't know was that some people in the long queue had been waiting for an entire day, and some even longer!

As for the other queue, while people were also waiting in line, they didn't need to wait long before their turn, and meanwhile, there were only a dozen or so people waiting in line.

Upon realizing the facts, Zen simply walked to the queue with fewer people.

"Well, my friend, may I ask why there are fewer people in line here?" asked Zen curiously.

The man Zen asked was a disciple clad in a black robe. After hearing his inquiry, he turned around, looked at him and saw that he was dressed in a white robe. With a disdainful look, he responded, "You had better line up in the other queue and stay there."

"Why is that? Are you saying that the outer disciples in white robes are not allowed to be waiting in this queue?" Zen asked such a brazen question only because he too realized that the people in this line were wearing black robes.

The man sneered at him twice, snapping sharply, "Didn't you see the strength of the people in this queue? This queue is for those who are to enter the grade eight, nine, or even ten of the Seven Star Sword Light Platform! However, those without such strength should remain in the line over there, which is for those who are to enter the grade one to seven!"

"Oh, so that is the case

the disciple in white robe really didn't know his own grade well; after he was seriously injured upon entering the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, he then would finally learn his lesson and get a better understanding of his real grade and capabilities...

Although Zen was aware of their sneer and sly arrogance, he simply chose to ignore it. As for the disciple's "good words", Zen just smiled ever so gently and responded on a firm tone, "I am grateful for your kind suggestion, but I still stick to my decision and want to give this a shot!"

As the disciple in front of Zen realized that his kind persuasion was not working at all, he simply gave up, shook his head and whispered in a disappointed tone, "I am telling you, you are really biting off more than you can possibly chew!"

After a while, Zen saw a group of people walking out from the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, and the strength of those people appeared quite outstanding. Every one of them was a sword practitioner, carrying his sword on the back, instead of putting it in his Space Ring.

A lot of sword practitioners, in order to be more aware of their sword intents chose to keep their swords close to them and no matter what kind of situation, they would not be separated from their swords.

Seeing that the chests of those sword practitioners were showcasing the same symbol, a kind of rune, Zen knew that they should be the elite inner disciples from a certain peak of the 33 Peaks.

After that group came out, all the people in Zen's queue began to enter the field one by one.

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