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   Chapter 340 The Seven Star Sword Light Platform (Part One)

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As a matter of fact, at the moment, Zen had over that amount of heavenly essence. Last time when he owned more than 600 drops of heavenly essence, he entrusted the auction of 50 drops to Wurth, indicating that he still had over 500 drops left with him. On another occasion, when he refined the Streamer Sword, it cost more than a hundred drops. Adding up all of these, including the bottle with a hundred drops of heavenly essence in his hand currently, Zen had a total of 400 drops of heavenly essence remaining.

"Since it's so popular and in demand, should the hundred drops be divided into two fifties and sold at two separate auctions or sold entirely at one auction? Which way suits you better?" Zen inquired with an apparent tone of curiosity.

"Well… Well, of course, the best bet is to sell it as a whole at one auction!" Owing to a sudden burst of excitement, Wurth spoke out in an abrupt high pitch, but he quickly covered his mouth and looked around carefully, turning his chubby head twice in a bid to check if someone was paying close attention to what he just said. After all, he could not expose the secret of his business, that the heavenly essence he auctioned was being procured from Zen.

Upon seeing his cautious behaviour, Zen was amused as he briskly responded, "Don't worry. Nobody was paying attention to our conversation!" As Zen's strength of soul was far more powerful than that of other outer disciples of Drizzle Peak and Wurth, even if he closed his eyes, he could easily detect if anyone was paying any attention to him.

"If any weapon refiner wants to upgrade a low-grade fairy weapon into a medium-grade fairy weapon, 50 drops of heavenly essence may not be enough. Hence, in their refining process, no weapon refiner will have the thought to save even a single drop of essence they have, that is to say, they will utilize all the heavenly essence into the furnace in one shot. The more amount of heavenly essence, the higher the success rate will be," Wurth explained what he thought in detail.

For example, if 50 drops of heavenly essence were mixed with a single low-grade fairy weapon for refining, the odds for its successful upgrade to a medium-grade fairy weapon was only approximately 20%, but if a hundred drops of heavenly essence were to be added, the odds of that success would witness a

so many people here?" Zen murmured to himself with increasing doubt and depression. Yet, it took him quite a few days to get here. So he still chose to wait and practice here. Watching the crowded place with a sad face, he slowly walked to the end of the queue to wait for his turn patiently.

The Seven Star Sword Light Platform was built six years ago by the Cloud Sect. Back then, it was said that a clan had discovered a polar magical stone in the north, 100 feet high and about 300 feet wide. After Cloud Sect discovered the stone's existence, it managed to buy it at a mighty cost.

Such a giant polar magical stone, even the great figures of Cloud Sect, could not transport all at once. Eventually, the giant stone was cut into six pieces, and each was loaded into a giant flying chariot, transported back and placed in the Seven Star Sword Light Platform.

Later, the Cloud Sect magic array masters placed magic arrays inside the Seven Star Sword Light Platform. With the added power of the polar magical stones, people could practice and greatly improve their swordplay skills there!

Although Seven Star Sword Light Platform could also act like the place for people to practice the use of all kinds of weapons including sword, spear, and stick, but it was gradually found that it had the best effect for improving swordplay skills. In addition to this, the number of people who practiced swordplay at the Cloud Sect was the largest. Gradually, the Seven Star Sword Light Platform basically became a special place dedicated to practice swordplay.

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