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   Chapter 339 The Expensive Heavenly Essence (Part Two)

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"Two hundred and fifty thousand?" Zen slowly grew excited. Last time at the Blessed Auction House, he had watched the heavenly essence get sold at a price of one hundred and twenty thousand. Did the price double up this time because of Wurth's business acumen?

Wurth laughed and said, "Two hundred and eighty thousand!"

"That high?" At the figure, Zen's face showed gleeful surprise. How could the price of the same heavenly essence shoot up to two hundred and eighty thousand this time? That was a large margin compared to the one hundred and twenty thousand last time. For the life of him, Zen could not figure it out.

"It went for a lot more than I expected. The auction turned out to be so competitive this time." Wurth shook his head and locked his eyes on Zen. He went on with a smile, "You were in luck! Just happened to sell the goods when two great clans were engaged in refining their fairy weapons!"

"Two great clans?" Zen was still at a loss.

The two great clans that Wurth just mentioned were the Yu and the Yun clans.

It was assumed that the two clans were trying to polish their fairy weapons, so as to convert the low-grade ones into medium-grade.

From refining it to molding it into shape, each weapon had only one chance to get condensed. The condensation directly determined its grade.

Zen could condense the Streamer Sword back then because Chase was unable to do it. He left the chance to someone from later generations, who happened to be Zen.

When a weapon was already condensed and in shape, it could get difficult to upgrade it. One way was to melt it down, which was basically starting over again. Another was to embed crystals into it so as to enhance its power, but that enhancement was rather limited.

The last option was to infuse the heavenly essence into the weapon through secret means, upgrading it forcefully.

But the heavenly essence was so rare that it was possible for it not to be available for several years in a row. Plus, to make a low-grade fairy weapon into a medium-grade one, it no

usand cubic crystals worth of balance was recorded onto it.

"It's done! This was a successful deal. But Zen, last time you said you were in possession of more heavenly essence. Do you really have more..." Wurth asked his friend tentatively.

He knew Zen seldom lied. If Zen said he had some, it must be true. However, it was still rather difficult to believe that someone could provide so much of heavenly essence at any given moment. Unless Wurth saw it with his own eyes, he wouldn't be confident about it.

It would be great if Zen was truly in possession of it. Heavenly essence was the most elusive item in the Burning Sky Empire. Wurth could sell for Zen as much as he had, but... Did Zen truly have more?

A mysterious smile played on the corners of Zen's mouth. After he put away the token of the Blessed Draft Bank safely, he sidled Wurth into a secluded place and fished out a small bottle.

"Here are one hundred more drops of the heavenly essence. Whether it should be sold all at once or twice in parts, is your call," Zen told him, chuckling lightly.

Wurth's eyes widened to two round saucers. "You do have more! And these are a hundred drops..."

Wurth was rendered utterly speechless. Truthfully, he started to suspect that the amount of heavenly essence Zen actually had was far more than the one hundred drops he currently held in his hand.

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