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   Chapter 336 Look Out For Yourselves (Part One)

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Jerrison and Merk glanced at each other when they saw that their fires were of no avail when it came to threatening and defeating Zen. Until now, they had been unafraid but this realization seemed to bring some tinge of fear in their eyes.

Perhaps they really were wrong. They shouldn't have treated Zen as an ordinary outer disciple. Furthermore, they should have paid heed to other aspects of Zen's ability rather than his mere cultivation level.

Although he had just reached the first tier of the nature level, he still had been able to produce a powerful fairy weapon and amazing life vitality using merely his strength...

Clearly, Zen was no ordinary person and they had miscalculated.

To be frank, both Jerrison and Merk had been completely dominated by avarice just now. As a result, they had not take

dodge Zen's sword now, and that his end was near, he lifted both of his arms up and crossed them in front of his chest in a desperate attempt to protect himself as if it was some sort of conditional response.


The Streamer Sword stabbed into one of Jerrison's arms through two shinbones and came out of the other side. Then, it was withdrawn at the same rapid pace and flew straight towards his chest, finally ready to land the coup de grace. However, it suddenly stopped flying just as it pierced his clothes and pricked his skin.

The sudden stop astounded Jerrison. He could sense a tinge of chill running from the tip of the sword into his chest through the small prick it had made. He was totally sure that he would be undoubtedly put to death now. So why did Zen stop suddenly? Jerrison was confused.

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